Skaven – All done!

Because of the vague mysteries of scheduled posting, I appear to have done a lot of progress on this team in a short span of days. Truthfully, I did that work a week ago and then spent a week on the campaign app, and then a day ago got upstairs to take some photos. šŸ˜›

Super happy with how this rat ogre turned out. Particularly as I’m painting some more Concord right now, and the more I paint them the more I wish I hadn’t decided to try a white colour scheme, why not, it couldn’t be that hard. baaaaaaaaah. Give me nice clean colours, well rounded muscles and a clear set of focal points any day!

P1310839 P1310840

And lastly, here’s the whole team!



Those of you with advanced counting and memory skills will note that there are only 15 models in this photo, but Blood Bowl teamsĀ go up to 16. The box set doesn’t have enough linerats in it to fill out as many as you need for a full team. And I didn’t want to buy a second box just for 3 models, particularly since I got these sculpts done. And then, there’s the “issue” with skaven, which is that you’re very unlikely to not lose a modelĀ every single game.Ā 

My team has been on life-support this entire season. I was down to 10 actual members on the team at one point mid-season, and have slowly built my way back up to a mostly full roster. Then I lost two more linerats. >.>

They look so good with the pink and green and blue-ish silver! And I’m stoked they’re finally done!

  • Try adjusting your white balance on the camera. (Or throw the photo into a post process and adjust the balance and saturation). Team looks fantastic! Just want it to be showed off as good as it can be!

  • Thanks for the edit, that’s a great photo! I do post-processing, but..believe it or not, my sense of colours is not always great. I wouldn’t have said there was anything wrong with my photo until I saw yours! >.<

  • Your photo was well done, just had a blue cast to it, caused by the white balance on the camera being off. Auto fix + warm filter resulted in the above. If you do have trouble seeing the differences, that’s a toughy. I guess trying to see if blue is in things that aren’t blue!