Blood Bowl – Skavens! Stormvermin (I think)

Here’s a start to finish of a single Stormvermin. I just picked him out of the pile to be the first test model. He’s a lot lighter than I had imagined, but I also was imagining a scheme identical to my Veer-myn scheme from years ago. (just went back to look at details on that link – those are poorly done models all over the place. >.>)


The base coat was 3 simple colours – Zamesi Desert skin, Emperor’s Children cloth and Mithril Silver armour and other metal bits.


I highlighted that base coat by taking the Zamesi and mixing it with Dheneb Stone, and the Emperor’s with White Scar and doing 3 quick layers.


Then it gets really chaotic. Seraphim Sepia over the skin, wiped away the tops. SW Amethyst similarly on the cloth, but this got a little messy, I might do the Drakenhof first next time. Drakenhof in the silver parts, some Nuln Oil in places that needed more contrast.

I applied the decals at the wrong moment, after I’d finished all of this and it didn’t look great so I had to go back again and re-metal and re-shade over the decal. Next one I’ll do the decal after the base coat.

The base is simple as you can likely see – black edges are classy, Vallejo Goblin Green over. I won a pack of Rain City Hobbies flowers at the Blood Bowl Foodbowl so I glued some flowers to my rats base for fun. 😀

  • Kelly

    Agreed on the black rimmed bases. For the longest time, the thinking was that bases should blend into the gaming surface as much as possible, hence all the Goblin Green paint on the rims during the 80s, 90s, and well into the 2000s. But I much prefer the black edges that are fashionable now… they act just like a nice frame on a painting… they give it some negative space to help draw the eye to the subject at the centre of the base, which is the mini itself.

    That Stormvermin looks really nice, by the way. Really came together nicely in the last pic.