Blood Bowl – Foodhammer MegaBowl Sunday

MegaBowl was a lot of fun yesterday! There were some definite hi-jinks in play, including Greg leaping a Slann into a boxed off ball, picking up the ball on a 6, throwing it on a 6 and catching it…on a 6. But for me, the highlight of the day was seeing my boards being played on!

I played an Undead roster of:

  • Count Luthor Von Whatever
  • Hack Enslash (no ref means Chainsaws were everywhere!)
  • 1 Wight with Guard
  • 4 Ghouls — 2 with Block, 2 with Wrestle
  • 4 Zombies – 1 with Tackle, which I never used.

Here’s a photo of the middle of the board on turn 2 of my first game:


That’s a lot going on in a few squares.

Here’s the setup:


The dugout come out looking great, even though I enlarged the images by a bit, this was my biggest fear!


Every $5 you donated gave you $100,000 in Blood Bowl cards, and you had to give $50,000 to 2 different opponents (out of 3 people). This was a clever scheme to keep the game balanced while encouraging a little bit of screwing over your friends, but in the end it felt a little petty and arbitrary to exclude one person.


My team! I was planning to put a photo of my Luthor proxy/conversion up, but forgot to take a clear photo of him. It’s a Guild Ball Ghast model from the Morticians faction. I think the Guild Ball models are some of the best looking modern models I’ve ever seen, and I’m a little sad that I bought them and never truly got into it. This is the first GB model I’ve ever painted, and it’s not even for the faction I play!


I don’t plan on doing a version 2 of the board right now, but here are a few notes I took from playing on it:

  • The little “+”s that demarcate the squares, should be white with black drop shadows. This is what FF-Fields does, and it’s specifically so that the squares can be found no matter what the background is. The black “+”s looked fine on the snow background sections, but in the middle with the dirt they were very hard to see properly.
  • The rules hadn’t been finalized¬†before I finished the board, so I didn’t know that the Line of Scrimmage on this board is straight across the lines of the dugouts, not at the center where I’ve depicted it. I would add another 4 lines to note this.
  • The rules have an oddity to them whereby you can’t cross the two squares at the very corner of each of the dugouts.¬†I didn’t realize it until I played the game, but this is to prevent people from having an easy out around the corner – it’s much harder to block this passage without this rule. However, the rule is an “exception” to normal movement, and so could be forgotten. I thought to add a little spiked-thing or something, jutting out from the corner of the dugouts into that square, to help remind people they can’t travel that way.


A few rules issues that bugged me, but overall a great day of Blood Bowl!

  • Kelly

    Looks great! Wish I was able to attend, as I hear great things about Foodhammer every year. One of these years, I’ll have to at least drop by to see all the nicely painted minis.