FoodBowl 2017

FoodBowl 2017! This is a great event for a great cause! 4 player Blood Bowl, 1,250 gold teams and it brings together the two disparate groups of Blood Bowl players in the Vancouver area, so we get to meet some new people. 🙂 Obviously, I brought Skaven which I thought were a good top pick — they have some great speed (since the current event rules nerf elves a bit, possibly the best speed) and great bashiness with the star players.

I sat down at a table with a gentleman I didn’t know, named Kristian, and then two others I did know followed suit – James and Pat. James has a hate on for me after he mercilessly killed my rat ogre in a previous season. You read that right, I don’t understand it either. 😛 Pat is good fellow to sit next to.

This game was characterized by Kristian scoring TD after TD with Skitter-skitter Stab-stab, a special character gutter runner. He scored 3 TDs, which is absolutely ridiculous in a game with 28 players and 3 other people dedicated to ensuring you don’t get to do what you want to do.

Near the end of the game, Pat had a choice between stopping me scoring or stopping Kristian scoring, and he chose to stop K because he knew that K would be vying for a top-TDs-scored prize with a start like his. Because of this I managed to get a TD, bringing me second place in this game! And then because of the final score calculation, I got 10 points (7 for second, 3 for 3 casualties) where Kristian also got 10 (10 for first). 🙂 This was a nice game. 🙂

We went for sushi after. Our game was about an hour over time, and sushi didn’t help.

Here are some photos.


Go forward my ratties!


Lined up again after a TD by SS-SS.


ECLIPSE!!! There was also a goblin fanatic on the table at this point which had been placed in James’ lines. James had maneuvered it away from him, but the fantatic got turned into a goblin as well, allowing the next person to simply move it 6 easy squares back to killing James.


I don’t know what’s going on this photo, but I like showing how crazy the center of the board gets in this game.

Game 2 I sat down at a table next to Rowland, Greg and Pat, all players I play regularly. In hindsight I should have sought out one of the 4 players I never played, but we were rushing a lot after sushi so it wasn’t a great moment of decision making. I also took fewer photos this game.

This was almost a no-score game. There was a sprinkler, making pick-up and throwing and catching harder. The ball was spiked, making pick-up dangerous. There was also a ball clone, meaning there were 3 balls on the table at one point. My valient gutter runner grabbed the ball, dodged tackle zones across the board…only to find he was holding the clone. It was here as well that Greg rolled quad-skulls, which is always something you can count on winning with.

My two ball and chain characters moved up and deftly avoided hitting an enemy who had set up in a perfect cage, and then one ball/chain hit the other. >.>

I spent most of the first half with only 3 players on the pitch, so it was a little boring, but I made do. When the half finally came around I tossed on another 4 and got to play again! I grabbed the ball again, ran it across the field and avoided getting hit a bunch…and found he was holding the wrong ball.

IMAG2766.jpg IMAG2767.jpg

My injury pile.


Moments after the first photo was taken, another model got added to the pile.


Gutter runner cage!

I’d like to say that this story ended with me scoring and winning the game, fans cheering for the Cheddar City Alchemists in their brilliant pink uniforms. Alas, I did not. My ball was across the field. Instead, Rowland dropped a bomb on his ball, knocking it loose and allowing Pat to pick it up and score with it. >.<


I hope I can make time to play this event again next year, because it’s just amazing!

Antares – Wet Coast GT 2017

With the impending homecoming of my daughter, I bravely took to the tournament and hoped she would hold out until I was done rolling dice. 😛

This was an awesome event! Because there were only 3 people signed up, the TO arranged to change the format of the event so it was one large game on Saturday instead of a the 5-6 game tournament format that is common around here. They dropped the price by half and we got one more person to sign up and played a 4 person 2500 point game on a 6×8 table. 10,000 points, 95 dice in the bag. It took us about 8 hours to play, thanks to some exceedingly efficient dice pulling — the puller would draw 2, and then decide whether the first dice would affect the second dice, and if it didn’t, would give the second dice to be played as well. We often had 2-3 people going at once, which really helped speed the game up so we didn’t take all night, and also keep it fast paced and exciting!

Here’s a break, because there are about 40 photos in this post.

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Blog Comments and Batter Drones

I noticed the other day that comments on old posts were closed, which is not a situation I want to be in — I’d like people to be able to comment on anything, at any time in the past! I just found the setting that was messing with that and turned it off, so hopefully its fixed now!

I needed more batter drones for big games of Antares. One of our guys bought an army online that had some drones done up like this —


It’s the metal spotter drones (of which I have a million extras) and the phalanges from the subverter matrix. Cut off the drone wings, glue on the phalanges, and be very, very patient.


The price of Wet Coast GT this weekend went down by half, because the TO decided to make it a one-day event. Unfortunately, with summer finally here in Vancouver, the event isn’t getting as much love as it should. So if you’re in the area and want to play a big megabattle, and get some swag, come on up to Vancouver (or down to us, or sideways)!

I’m still really hoping I get to go. My brand new daughter is still in the hospital, and isn’t allowed to leave until she shows she can survive outside of a medical environment. She just has to figure out “eating” and she gets to come home (she’s premature). If she does that before this weekend, it’s all hands on deck at home as we struggle to figure out what life looks like in this new world order!

If I do get to WCGT, I’m planning to bring my good camera and I’ll see about getting some quality photos up here next week. I think I also need to replace my phone camera lens, if possible – it’s become very hazy.

Blood Bowl – Foodhammer MegaBowl Sunday

MegaBowl was a lot of fun yesterday! There were some definite hi-jinks in play, including Greg leaping a Slann into a boxed off ball, picking up the ball on a 6, throwing it on a 6 and catching it…on a 6. But for me, the highlight of the day was seeing my boards being played on!

I played an Undead roster of:

  • Count Luthor Von Whatever
  • Hack Enslash (no ref means Chainsaws were everywhere!)
  • 1 Wight with Guard
  • 4 Ghouls — 2 with Block, 2 with Wrestle
  • 4 Zombies – 1 with Tackle, which I never used.

Here’s a photo of the middle of the board on turn 2 of my first game:


That’s a lot going on in a few squares.

Here’s the setup:


The dugout come out looking great, even though I enlarged the images by a bit, this was my biggest fear!


Every $5 you donated gave you $100,000 in Blood Bowl cards, and you had to give $50,000 to 2 different opponents (out of 3 people). This was a clever scheme to keep the game balanced while encouraging a little bit of screwing over your friends, but in the end it felt a little petty and arbitrary to exclude one person.


My team! I was planning to put a photo of my Luthor proxy/conversion up, but forgot to take a clear photo of him. It’s a Guild Ball Ghast model from the Morticians faction. I think the Guild Ball models are some of the best looking modern models I’ve ever seen, and I’m a little sad that I bought them and never truly got into it. This is the first GB model I’ve ever painted, and it’s not even for the faction I play!


I don’t plan on doing a version 2 of the board right now, but here are a few notes I took from playing on it:

  • The little “+”s that demarcate the squares, should be white with black drop shadows. This is what FF-Fields does, and it’s specifically so that the squares can be found no matter what the background is. The black “+”s looked fine on the snow background sections, but in the middle with the dirt they were very hard to see properly.
  • The rules hadn’t been finalized before I finished the board, so I didn’t know that the Line of Scrimmage on this board is straight across the lines of the dugouts, not at the center where I’ve depicted it. I would add another 4 lines to note this.
  • The rules have an oddity to them whereby you can’t cross the two squares at the very corner of each of the dugouts. I didn’t realize it until I played the game, but this is to prevent people from having an easy out around the corner – it’s much harder to block this passage without this rule. However, the rule is an “exception” to normal movement, and so could be forgotten. I thought to add a little spiked-thing or something, jutting out from the corner of the dugouts into that square, to help remind people they can’t travel that way.


A few rules issues that bugged me, but overall a great day of Blood Bowl!

Blood Bowl – DeathBowl/MegaBowl/Whatever Board

This one I’ve been keeping under my hat for a while because I didn’t want to ruin the surprise for Clark. I designed a special board for the Foodhammer Blood Bowl event this weekend!

It started by Clark asking if I could modify an existing board, or make a new one, to make it CHOP!/Foodhammer themed. I said maybe and looked at the board he wanted to modify. The image was about 1000×1000 pixels, which when printed at 300dpi would be about 10 inches squared, which is much too small. So you print it at…I dunno, 100 dpi and it becomes 30 inches squared but would look pixellated and likely awful. And I told him I didn’t think I could design a board, just getting the squares right would be next to impossible!

Then something ticked over in my brain — I could write a computer program to generate the squares! I spent an evening and got it writing out a PNG that was a cross of two 26×14 boards overlapping each other. Then I told Clark I’d think about it. 😛

Days later I had built a prototype. I don’t remember the exact steps, but there was a lot of layering in I had an all snow background on the bottom, then the logo and dugouts on top, then words over that and then the squares overlaying it all.

Then came the process of making it cooler. I showed the draft to Clark and he had a great number of suggestions on how to make it better. I cursed, and went to work again. 😛

Here’s a look at the final board:


And the final copy from the printers came this weekend!


Here’s a few things that came out of this:

  • I learned how to make realistic blood splatter. There is a blood splatter font, and you can use masking and such to make it look pretty gruesome.
  • This is the only part I “borrowed” from the internet – the dugouts are made from these dungeon tiles. They were almost the right size, and I wanted dungeon dugouts but didn’t want to draw them myself so I resized them. We’ll see if they look good. >.>
  • I learned how to make an almost realistic snowy background over dirt. You can see the end result above, but before I did that, I made a small prototype to see if I could make it look good:


  • It’s two different dirt textures with careful erasing, and a large variety of white textures with careful feathering and erasing.


Here are two links, but be warned they are massive images. In order to get a 35 inch square game board to print at 300dpi, you need to have 10748×10748 pixels, which ends up being 252mb.

  • The final PNG (252mb)
  • The file (365mb). This version has all of the layers separated so you could potentially edit and make your own board from it! Let me know if you do so, I would love to see if anyone else makes their own from it!

This was an exciting experience as it’s the largest thing I’ve ever graphic-designed, and I’m not really a graphic designer but I’m really enjoying drawing all of these gaming aids! I’ll get to play on it this weekend at Foodbowl!

CHOP! for Xilos – Scenario 3 – Exploration

Following quickly on playing scenario 2, I managed to convince a group of people to play the multi-player scenario 3!

Even though we only got through turn 2 over ~2.5 hours, the game went very smoothly. Everyone had a good time, very unlike massive GW games. I think the alternating activation, and quick activations (except for assaults) keep everyone mostly engaged at all times! I was also pretty militant about pulling the next dice – with 5 people and 46 dice in the bag (in turn 1) I needed to keep things moving!

This was also the first game of Antares for one of our most passionate game players. He’s the guy who owns mostly every game played in the club, but unusually he’s also the guy who runs tournaments for most every game played in the club. 😛

I took a ton of photos!


46 dice! We added another Distort dice in turn 2, as per the scenario special rules. We had some odd pulls – in both turns Dan received most of his dice before anyone else, and Clayton received most of his dice after anyone else!


Pretty much at the beginning of turn 1. We had the Freeborn allied with the Ghar, as Clayton’s Freeborn had been paid off by them to help hold Xilos, and also to give the new player an ally. We changed some of the other rules — we gave the non-Ghar players a 15″ deployment depth, and had the “Ghar” come on from the table edge on turn 1 since I wanted people playing right away and didn’t imagine we’d get to turn 3. 🙂 We told the “Ghar” players they couldn’t assault on the first turn as well, since assault is pretty brutal and they were pretty close.

I deployed my C3 in the closest corner of the table in the photo, Ryan deployed his Isorians to my left, and Pat deployed his Algoryn opposite me.


My corner of the board quickly became a quagmire, with the Algoryn opposite and some of the Builder Relics between us. Then the Freeborn and Ghar came on the table edge and started shooting things!



This was funny. The Ghar put on their Command Crawler, just the one unit, behind the Isorians battle lines. The Isorians spent both turns trying to make the Crawler go away, but just kept being completely unable to do anything about it. I believe that Ryan is looking forward to Isorians getting some heavier weapons.


The problem on my side didn’t dissipate. I moved forward and tried to “cross the streams” of the Batter shields of my T7 and the Algoryn Avenger? I don’t know what that thing is, all the Algoryn’s look alike. 😛 (a little casual fantasy racism for ya!)


While the Isorians were focused on the Command Crawler, these Ghar suits snuck up behind them and started pounding on them.


Behind my view, the Algoryn had a mag mortar and x-launcher on a hill and were trying to pin these suits to death. After they were removed, the mag mortar pivoted and took part in the middle of the battle a bit more, but 2 turns is hard to do much in. 🙂


I moved Arenal Yu up the hill to use her IMTel Stave to remove the Avenger, but whiffed. I was corrected, in that I thought she had 3 shots at SV3 but she actually has a single shot with D3 hits. Because of this, I didn’t give her a Spotter drone, since I didn’t think a model with 3 shots needed it. It turns out that Spotter drone is just a 10 point mandatory upgrade!


Clayton has been super excited about his Nuhu, calling them the best models in the range! I don’t know if I can agree – I don’t really get behind the “dance party” aspect that he’s loving so much, but they are pretty awesome! Apparently his Nuhu are a pair of Space Germans from Space Berlin who are constantly on the look out for the next EDM dance party. The constant oontz, oontz, oontz from his side of the table is pretty hilarious.

imag2237.jpg imag2220.jpg

I didn’t mean for these to be comparison shots between the Freeborn M4 and my T7, but here it is! This is the best model in the range! I love the hell out of it, and wish that I could get a T7 and an M4 into a 1000 points (or even 1250 – 1250 is “possible”, but super difficult!). It just looks so cool!! (also, the more I look, the more I think the bottom photo is from a different game…).



If you got this far in reading, I commend you.

The Nuhu’s use is getting more solidified in my mind. I put her into the T7 with 2 Shield Drones, and the T7 had 2 Shield Drones. This is a lot of points in one place so I wanted to protect it well on it’s way up the table. This also helps give the Nuhu a lot more mobility since the T7 can move 10″ over MOD2 and then she can move another 5″ and still get her shots off. Since the Stave is fairly short range, this additional mobility is pretty important. I do regret (as above) not giving her a Spotter drone, but that’s easy enough to fix.

I took my max number of Get Up!s this game (didn’t get to use them), which I will prioritize in future games. Having a unit that you need to not be Down, but be unable to roll a good number for, lost me my last game and it just doesn’t need to happen.

Drop Command are nice with Acc 6 and a medi-drone, but not as nice as I want them to be. Like others, I do with I could take a Drop Squad without needing to take the Command first. The limitation means that there isn’t room (with my current models) for the Squad, which limits those all-important Lances!

I’ve put on order an Algoryn Plasma Cannon I’m going to use as a C3 PC. Because I need more high SV weapons, I added the Nuhu into this list for her SV6. But she’s ~200 points and limits what else I can fit into the list. The PC has SV6 and is a lot less mobile, but is also ~100 points cheaper so I could get my heavy weapon and still be able to fit more mobility into the list. Movement is key in all of the games I’ve played so far, so having those Drop Squads in the list is going to really help out with that!



The Algoryn and C3 have maintained hesitant ties throughout the Xilos initiative, but when actual resources are on the line communication breaks down and the gloves come off. Maybe their fractured alliance can be repaired, but maybe this is the end of their common ground.

You can never tell with any given Freeborn whether they’ll deal with you, or kill you, but this band of space DJs appear to have been heavily bought off by the Ghar Empire and didn’t even ask if there was a counter-offer on the table.

The Isorians have had very little presence on Xilos so far, but showed up just in time to help out their ancient and incompatible enemies, the C3. Arenal believes that their assistance was given only because they were distracted by a Ghar Command Crawler, and they didn’t have time to worry about other things, but I believe the ancient human saying is “any port in a storm”.

The Concord led by Arenal continue to receive a beating at every opportunity given, even simulated opportunities, and there is a good chance that the NuHu will take some time to meditate on the correct forces to send into the next battle. Reinforcements may be necessary. They may also be unavailable.


CHOP for Xilos – Scenario 2 – Counterattack!

I once again failed to get many photos for this game. I played Dylan in his first game against 1000 points of his Boromites! The first Xilos scenario felt complicated with the deployment mini-game (which has me thinking a lot, by the way, about unique deployment methods), but once you got into the game it was fairly straight-forward. This game was straight-forward to start with, making it a decent beginner game.


The forces of Arenal Yu stood resolute against the cold metal bulwark of the Last Tree on Xilos (not actually the last tree, just a symbolic name created by the IMTel to encourage troops to work harder. Ideals are easier to promote than Reality). The hard working men and women of Adama’s work gang had a job to do, to dig a giant hole under the Last Tree, and they weren’t going to let the C3 stand in their way. Unfortunately, the Last Tree was also the site of an in-progress transmat station that the 21st Regional had been ordered to protect and construct. This timing was exceedingly poor in the end, as the coincidental arrival of the Boromite workers put an end to the construction of the transmat station and thus also set back the C3 progress on landing their heavier support on Xilos.


Afterwards, Clark pulled out his Tsan-Ra. I love and hate those elbow spiders! I can’t wait to see someone paint and play with them!


I lost the game by being overwhelmed. I rolled to build the transmat 3 times, rolling a 1, a 2 and a 5, before I lost enough troops to lose the game. I used some of my troops poorly (I failed to Ambush twice while lavamites approached…), and made some poor decisions in army selection (Batter drones from my X-Launchers would actually have been a good idea here, as opposed to the last time I did that). On the other hand, this was the first game I’ve played where I felt like my troops actually had some teeth. Before this, I would get removed quite quickly while merely putting a few pins on a few opposing units. Here I removed a couple units, pushing them back to the table edges.

This was my first game with my new Drop Command as well, but they spent most of the game pinned and down. 🙁

CHOP! for Xilos – Xilos Landing, Game 2

After their humiliating defeat against the Freeborn mercenaries, the ground forces of the 21st Regional took to the holosim to practice new techniques in warfare. The local Algoryn commander volunteered to oppose the Concord, but insisted on being the ones to drop.

Whispers took root among the 21st, about whether the Algoryn had volunteered to show them up after their initial failure at Xilos. Morale lowered the longer it took to prepare the simulation.

As the “game” started, Arenal Yu chose her battle plans carefully, placing a strike squad on the generator, an X-Launcher team hidden in some nearby trees and another strike squad on the far side of the generator, attempting to spread out any possible damage from landing pods.


The Algoryn landed a mere 3 units after the simulated Concord anti-air guns, however they were laser-like in their precision of landing and destroyed the X-Launcher and all-but destroyed one of the Strike Squads upon reaching the ground.

(In my initial game I missed that the drop-pods caused D6 SV3 hits as well as placing the unit Down! This is huge!)

The Algoryn seemed confused in their objective as they raced past the generator to get into combat with the physically weaker Concord. After brutalizing a few squads, they remembered their plan and hopped back to take the generator and hold it for the rest of the simulation.

The Concord fought forward, forced to come to the monstrous Algoryn and fight them on their own terms. That, combined with the Concord’s lack of fast-moving troops ensured that they couldn’t get to the generator to stop the Algoryn from holding it.

At the end, both sides were devastated. Arenal herself took an entire salvo of gunfire from a skimmer squad, a move that seemed calculated to embarrass the leader as she took to the field of battle herself.


This is a much more balanced game with the D6 SV3 hits. >.> Also although Pat (who played the Algoryn) landed with the same number of units as I did when I defended, this game was only 750 points so ratio-wise it was a lesser loss of power. This is a hard scenario, no matter what side you are. The Attackers start with less units, but the Defenders have really no where to hide if they want to contest the generator because there’s a big open space around it.

I need faster models. It’s just that simple. I’m losing these games because I can’t get to where I need to go, and even though I have a couple different squads and my hope was to be able to fire with one while running with another and then switching, it just doesn’t allow me to place enough pins on my opponent. I brought my T7 to this game, but Pat wanted to play 750 so I wasn’t allowed to play with it! There was a mess-up in an order at my local games store and so I’m still waiting for my drop command to come in!

I only took the one photo, because I forgot. 😛

CHOP! for Xilos – Xilos Landing, Game 1


Freeborn Privateers led by Lady Jessica held a Quantum Gravity Generator on behalf of the Ghar. Concord forces led by Arenal Yu used borrowed Algoryn drop pods to land and try to take the generator from their enemies. The Freeborn anti-air guns proved exceedingly accurate, destroying 8 of the 12 incoming pods, 5 of which contained Concord forces. The remaining 4 pods contained a 5-man Strike Squad, a weapon drone unit of 2 C3D1 Light Support Drones, a kitted out X-Launcher squad, as well as a single support lander that held a table edge against Freeborn reinforcements.
Bereft of leadership, Strike Squad Delta attempted to fulfill their mission to capture or destroy the Generator, but were overwhelmed by Freeborn forces.


I cut out 12 3″ circles to act as drop pods and showed up to help Clayton learn how to play Gates of Antares by playing one of the more complicated scenarios. 😛 I didn’t want to buy 12 drop pods for a scenario I might play once or twice, so “drop construction papers” it is!


When you get down to it, the scenario wasn’t that complicated. The deployment was complicated, and we both had a lot of fun playing it. But the game was simple – touch the thing in the center, and stop your opponent from touching the thing in the center. The deployment was a mini game where the Attacker chose a number on a dice and the Defender had to guess it. Simple, but there were some other rules that made it more interesting than just “guess my number!” which would have been pretty random. There were 3 types of “drop pods”, one of which had special powers if it did get hit. As well, hitting the final target or overshooting the final target gave different deployment results. All in all, not a game I would play every Sunday, but definitely a new and cool way of deployment your army!

Clayton had some really good and/or lucky guesses. There were two times when he said “2…NO 1!!” and I had hidden “1”. This photo is of my entire force that managed to land. He destroyed 3 Strike Squads, my Nuhu and an X-Launcher. We played 1000 points. >.>


We might have given up and re-racked in another situation, but it was Claytons first game at all and I wanted to help him take the rules he’d read and turn them into reality. Drone squad got Down early and couldn’t get up, my X-Launcher came on in the 2nd turn and missed the one shot it got, and my Strike Squad got surrounded by Freeborn and assaulted and destroyed!


Clayton has a neat mix of troops. A Command squad, some feral troops, some of the well-armed shooty guys, a bunch of bikes and a MOD2 skimmer thing. He put most of it together in a weekend, since I announced this campaign on Thursday and he’d only picked up his army on Wednesday!

CHOP! of Antares

Today one of our club members held a Beyond the Gates of Antares tournament. I got into this game because I had the itch for something a little more “massed battle” than Malifaux and Blood Bowl, but not a GW game. I looked briefly at Bolt Action, but to much Real Life in my Fantasy makes me a little uneasy.

If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know I’ve been busy working on an army. It was 750 points, roughly, which was how many points the event was. We had 6 people to start, and got to 7 (someone sat out) mid-day. The plan was to have 8, but the 8th got busy…something about his girlfriend needing to go shopping or something.

We played 3 games and they were relatively quick. We played scenarios 3, 5 and 6 out of the main rulebook. In short — “get to the other side”, “defend objectives” and “take a thing from the center”.

I took some photos after I got destroyed in my first game. I learned a lot about mortars in that first game, and about how they are supposed to be used. Followed by some bad luck with my own mortars — the first was destroyed in an unlucky 10, and the second spent the entire game trying to recover from a Down result that it just couldn’t shake.

IMAG2058 IMAG2059 IMAG2060 IMAG2061

The photo just above this line, at the bottom left, is the mortar that just wouldn’t “go”.

I learned some important things about the game, and my army in particular:

  • It’s nice to have portable shields (those blue template things), but it’s not as useful to need them to be portable and have them on your long-range artillery. There are other units that can take the shields, and I’m going to look into them as options. Perhaps a General Purpose Drone with a Batter Drone — 40 points for an extra dice (tempo) and a portable shield.
  • Having no units that can move any faster than 5″ and still be effective, is a real pain. You can see below, it’s a foot-slogging army. Scenario 3 needs you to literally run across the table. Scenario 6 needs you to run in and then out again. Scenario 5, which we all think we messed up on, requires the attacker to run across an open field towards the defenders. Faster can mean moves faster — like jump infantry or bikes — or it can mean has more actions per turn — like tanks. I don’t know which direction I’m going to initially go, but it’s nice to see the use of each.


I lost game 2 horribly, and took no photos of it. Every single attacker felt it was a super lame scenario. The defenders got to place 3 pieces of terrain on their side of the table, along with 3 objectives, and then 3 pieces of terrain on the attackers side of the table. The 3 pieces on my side were all hills, which are True Line of Sight in this game. So I had nothing to hide behind while my gun-line opponent shot me to death. Maybe some trees?!

Game 3 was great. I played against another fellow who had lost both of his games. 😛 It was a “run in and out again” scenario, and we both had some great tactics and bluffs and it just really felt like there was a back-and-forth, the kind that makes for a great game. This photo is of my troops lined up behind a shield, looking for a good moment to grab the prize!


At the end, every one got a special edition Concord model (shown in metal below) and a Ghar battle suit sprue (which I don’t know what I’m going to do with). I won Best Painted, which in this case is also known as Only Painted. 😛 It’s such a small community and everyone is just starting out with it and I guess they all just don’t have the same “if you’re playing in a tournament, it’s gotta be painted” mentality I do.


Lastly, here’s a photo of us poking fun at the special edition model. The model looks very much like it’s on one knee taking a selfie, so we all mimicked it for this photo (not a selfie…)