FoodBowl 2017

FoodBowl 2017! This is a great event for a great cause! 4 player Blood Bowl, 1,250 gold teams and it brings together the two disparate groups of Blood Bowl players in the Vancouver area, so we get to meet some new people. 🙂 Obviously, I brought Skaven which I thought were a good top pick — they have some great speed (since the current event rules nerf elves a bit, possibly the best speed) and great bashiness with the star players.

I sat down at a table with a gentleman I didn’t know, named Kristian, and then two others I did know followed suit – James and Pat. James has a hate on for me after he mercilessly killed my rat ogre in a previous season. You read that right, I don’t understand it either. 😛 Pat is good fellow to sit next to.

This game was characterized by Kristian scoring TD after TD with Skitter-skitter Stab-stab, a special character gutter runner. He scored 3 TDs, which is absolutely ridiculous in a game with 28 players and 3 other people dedicated to ensuring you don’t get to do what you want to do.

Near the end of the game, Pat had a choice between stopping me scoring or stopping Kristian scoring, and he chose to stop K because he knew that K would be vying for a top-TDs-scored prize with a start like his. Because of this I managed to get a TD, bringing me second place in this game! And then because of the final score calculation, I got 10 points (7 for second, 3 for 3 casualties) where Kristian also got 10 (10 for first). 🙂 This was a nice game. 🙂

We went for sushi after. Our game was about an hour over time, and sushi didn’t help.

Here are some photos.


Go forward my ratties!


Lined up again after a TD by SS-SS.


ECLIPSE!!! There was also a goblin fanatic on the table at this point which had been placed in James’ lines. James had maneuvered it away from him, but the fantatic got turned into a goblin as well, allowing the next person to simply move it 6 easy squares back to killing James.


I don’t know what’s going on this photo, but I like showing how crazy the center of the board gets in this game.

Game 2 I sat down at a table next to Rowland, Greg and Pat, all players I play regularly. In hindsight I should have sought out one of the 4 players I never played, but we were rushing a lot after sushi so it wasn’t a great moment of decision making. I also took fewer photos this game.

This was almost a no-score game. There was a sprinkler, making pick-up and throwing and catching harder. The ball was spiked, making pick-up dangerous. There was also a ball clone, meaning there were 3 balls on the table at one point. My valient gutter runner grabbed the ball, dodged tackle zones across the board…only to find he was holding the clone. It was here as well that Greg rolled quad-skulls, which is always something you can count on winning with.

My two ball and chain characters moved up and deftly avoided hitting an enemy who had set up in a perfect cage, and then one ball/chain hit the other. >.>

I spent most of the first half with only 3 players on the pitch, so it was a little boring, but I made do. When the half finally came around I tossed on another 4 and got to play again! I grabbed the ball again, ran it across the field and avoided getting hit a bunch…and found he was holding the wrong ball.

IMAG2766.jpg IMAG2767.jpg

My injury pile.


Moments after the first photo was taken, another model got added to the pile.


Gutter runner cage!

I’d like to say that this story ended with me scoring and winning the game, fans cheering for the Cheddar City Alchemists in their brilliant pink uniforms. Alas, I did not. My ball was across the field. Instead, Rowland dropped a bomb on his ball, knocking it loose and allowing Pat to pick it up and score with it. >.<


I hope I can make time to play this event again next year, because it’s just amazing!

Antares – Wet Coast GT 2017

With the impending homecoming of my daughter, I bravely took to the tournament and hoped she would hold out until I was done rolling dice. 😛

This was an awesome event! Because there were only 3 people signed up, the TO arranged to change the format of the event so it was one large game on Saturday instead of a the 5-6 game tournament format that is common around here. They dropped the price by half and we got one more person to sign up and played a 4 person 2500 point game on a 6×8 table. 10,000 points, 95 dice in the bag. It took us about 8 hours to play, thanks to some exceedingly efficient dice pulling — the puller would draw 2, and then decide whether the first dice would affect the second dice, and if it didn’t, would give the second dice to be played as well. We often had 2-3 people going at once, which really helped speed the game up so we didn’t take all night, and also keep it fast paced and exciting!

Here’s a break, because there are about 40 photos in this post.

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Blog Comments and Batter Drones

I noticed the other day that comments on old posts were closed, which is not a situation I want to be in — I’d like people to be able to comment on anything, at any time in the past! I just found the setting that was messing with that and turned it off, so hopefully its fixed now!

I needed more batter drones for big games of Antares. One of our guys bought an army online that had some drones done up like this —


It’s the metal spotter drones (of which I have a million extras) and the phalanges from the subverter matrix. Cut off the drone wings, glue on the phalanges, and be very, very patient.


The price of Wet Coast GT this weekend went down by half, because the TO decided to make it a one-day event. Unfortunately, with summer finally here in Vancouver, the event isn’t getting as much love as it should. So if you’re in the area and want to play a big megabattle, and get some swag, come on up to Vancouver (or down to us, or sideways)!

I’m still really hoping I get to go. My brand new daughter is still in the hospital, and isn’t allowed to leave until she shows she can survive outside of a medical environment. She just has to figure out “eating” and she gets to come home (she’s premature). If she does that before this weekend, it’s all hands on deck at home as we struggle to figure out what life looks like in this new world order!

If I do get to WCGT, I’m planning to bring my good camera and I’ll see about getting some quality photos up here next week. I think I also need to replace my phone camera lens, if possible – it’s become very hazy.

Blood Bowl – Foodhammer MegaBowl Sunday

MegaBowl was a lot of fun yesterday! There were some definite hi-jinks in play, including Greg leaping a Slann into a boxed off ball, picking up the ball on a 6, throwing it on a 6 and catching it…on a 6. But for me, the highlight of the day was seeing my boards being played on!

I played an Undead roster of:

  • Count Luthor Von Whatever
  • Hack Enslash (no ref means Chainsaws were everywhere!)
  • 1 Wight with Guard
  • 4 Ghouls — 2 with Block, 2 with Wrestle
  • 4 Zombies – 1 with Tackle, which I never used.

Here’s a photo of the middle of the board on turn 2 of my first game:


That’s a lot going on in a few squares.

Here’s the setup:


The dugout come out looking great, even though I enlarged the images by a bit, this was my biggest fear!


Every $5 you donated gave you $100,000 in Blood Bowl cards, and you had to give $50,000 to 2 different opponents (out of 3 people). This was a clever scheme to keep the game balanced while encouraging a little bit of screwing over your friends, but in the end it felt a little petty and arbitrary to exclude one person.


My team! I was planning to put a photo of my Luthor proxy/conversion up, but forgot to take a clear photo of him. It’s a Guild Ball Ghast model from the Morticians faction. I think the Guild Ball models are some of the best looking modern models I’ve ever seen, and I’m a little sad that I bought them and never truly got into it. This is the first GB model I’ve ever painted, and it’s not even for the faction I play!


I don’t plan on doing a version 2 of the board right now, but here are a few notes I took from playing on it:

  • The little “+”s that demarcate the squares, should be white with black drop shadows. This is what FF-Fields does, and it’s specifically so that the squares can be found no matter what the background is. The black “+”s looked fine on the snow background sections, but in the middle with the dirt they were very hard to see properly.
  • The rules hadn’t been finalized before I finished the board, so I didn’t know that the Line of Scrimmage on this board is straight across the lines of the dugouts, not at the center where I’ve depicted it. I would add another 4 lines to note this.
  • The rules have an oddity to them whereby you can’t cross the two squares at the very corner of each of the dugouts. I didn’t realize it until I played the game, but this is to prevent people from having an easy out around the corner – it’s much harder to block this passage without this rule. However, the rule is an “exception” to normal movement, and so could be forgotten. I thought to add a little spiked-thing or something, jutting out from the corner of the dugouts into that square, to help remind people they can’t travel that way.


A few rules issues that bugged me, but overall a great day of Blood Bowl!

Malifaux – Henchman Hardcore and Enforcer Brawl

I had a free Sunday so I went to Wet Coast GT for just the one day. They were running Henchman Hardcore, an alternative Malifaux format where you get 20ss, must take a Henchman as your Leader, no summoning and the only Strategy is Turf War and the only Scheme is Assassinate. The goal is to run at the center and hurt your opponent — a decidedly “unMalifauxy” goal, in my opinion.

It’s not my favourite format, but it was nice to play Malifaux again. I took Kang and 3 Rail Workers and got my ass handed to me.

After that, we played an Enforcer Brawl with….9 people? Maybe 8? You get 1 Enforcer and one upgrade. You get 1VP for wounding an unwounded model (2VP if it’s more SS than you), 3VP for killing something (4VP if it’s more SS than you) and -3VP for dying. I took my Ice Golem because I haven’t really played with it a lot, and wanted to show it off! He ended up being excellent, as whenever he died I tended to get 2VPs for doing damage to someone for his explosive, which means I lost fewer points than others who died.

I won this event, but only because Mark won and Mark was the TO. Mark also played an Ice Golem, he just died a lot less than I did. 🙂

imag2019.jpg imag2018.jpg

The next day CHOP! chat got excited about Malifaux again. I think the confluence of WCGT and the GenCon order stuff going up caused folks to get excited about it again. I pulled Taelor out of my to-do pile and put some paint on her. A few hours later, this was the result:

imag2020.jpg imag2021.jpg

I was tempted to leave her albino after I had shaded basecoated her boots, pants, shirt and hair. She had this crazy goth look to her that I really liked. So I ended up leaving her skin less coloured than I would have otherwise, adding white to the Dheneb Stone when I highlighted, which took a lot of the pink out of the colour.

Otherwise I was just trying to copy this drawing. The pants really are that shiny — I tried to tone them down but have been unsuccessful so far. Still, I really like the contrast here.

NO FIRES: Blood Bowl Tournament in Vancouver, BC

I’m running a 1,200,000 credit Blood Bowl tournament on May 29th at the Fraternal Order of Eagles! It’s a charity event, with proceeds going to help the Fort McMurray victims. Details are available here.

As part of the charity, I’m also selling these Special Play decks:


$20, with $12 going to the charity.

If you’re interested, check out the details and get me a team list!

OFCC 2014 – Photography

One more bonus post before I get back to painting stuff.

This photography setup was in the corner of the gaming room. A lot of lights and tripods and hangers and not shown is a very sturdy tripod with a camera on it.


OFCC 2014 – Day 2

Day 2 came early again. Tournaments are crazy because you stay up super late because you’ve got fun things to do, and because you’re excited for the next day and then you wake up super early because the organizers are trying to squeeze as much into a single day as they can. If you start at 10pm, run a 2800pt tournament with 3 games in it, with lunch and a mid-afternoon break, you’re ending at 9pm. It’s a tough call to make, and most people seem to be on the side of waking up early.

I only played one game on Sunday, because of our 5-person-4-person team. I thought of this only while watching Pete play my army — me sitting out the last game was perfect. As the worst player on my team, we’d naturally want to have our strongest players on the table at the end of the tournament when we would be playing against our strongest opponents. I didn’t plan it that way, but I was super happy with how it turned out! 🙂

After the jump, more photos!

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OFCC 2014 – Day 0 and 1

Instead of pulling my photography stuff out, I edited photos from the weekend. I know I still owe you guys some final photos of my skinks, rippers, maybe those tokens and *cough* the last Old Blood (who won’t be finished anytime soon), but I just couldn’t be bothered to set it all up last night. >.<

So now you’ll get to read about OFCC 2014. I’m going to post these in quick succession instead of waiting my usual 3 days, and hopefully we can get back to some painting shortly!

There are a ton of photos in this post, so I’m going to put them behind a cut.

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OFCC 2014 Painting Todo

While the last month and a bit of blog entries has been scheduled after the Wyrd contest, and while I did not get much painting done at all in the last months of the show I was in, I haven’t been entirely slack. I’ve been busy assembly-lining skinks for OFCC.

I don’t have photos of them yet, but they should be done really soon, because I have a list of things that need doing before the 26th of September!

  • 24+ extra skinks. My lists have been under powered by far because I only own 33 skinks. Another 24, plus using my camo skinks, means that I can get up to a useful amount. These guys are almost done.
  • 6 Ripperdactyl riders. These are such cool units and models, and I really want to use them. I need another 3, as I already have 3 in a box, but either way I need to shake a leg to get them painted!
  • Old Blood on Cold One with Stegadon Helm. I have my Old Blood with the Blade of Realities sorted, but I need to get my tanky guy done. I’ve built him, but he’s on pause while I finish skinks and figure out this Agrellan Earth business.
  • Finish a base for my 3rd skink priest. He was previously riding a stegadon, but I need the steg naked now and need a third priest.
  • Make another 1-3 skirmisher movement trays. I need at least 1 more, but if I have time for 3 they probably will get used at other tournaments.
  • Something to replace the Engine on my stegs back. This is the least likely thing on the list to be completed, but here it is. My current stegadon has an Enginey thing on it’s back, and I’m not using it as an Engine. Also, has no Giant Blowpipes, which is a bit of a WYSIWYG issue. We’ll see how the month goes.

I’m not doing as much circus this month, having brought it down to a single 2 hour class…on Wednesdays. I really want to take this class, and I’m super sad that it interferes still with Warhammer, but sometimes we don’t get everything. 🙂

However, I should be able to bring up the painting. If anyone has 3+ rippers they don’t want…I’d love to buy them from you. 🙂