Blood Bowl – Skaven – Kreek progress

Here’s a nice side-by-side to show you how my interpretation of Wappel’s shaded basecoat goes:

IMAG2724.jpg IMAG2726.jpg

The top photo is much to light, on purpose. It’s the same recipe as for this other Skaveny article I did a while back.

  • Skin is GW Zamesi Desert, mixed and highlighted up with GW Dheneb Stone
  • Base is Steel Legion Drab, mixed and highlighted up with GW Dheneb Stone
  • Chains are just Runefang Steel.

Then I let him sit on my desk for a while, because…well, just because the timing didn’t work out well.

In the second photo:

  • The base is GW Seraphim Sepia, pulled from the edges to the center, and deeper into the cracks of the cork layers. Then GW Drakenhof Nightshade in a thin layer underneath the model (as a shadow) and within the deepest cracks of the cork.
  • The chain I did a lazy wash of the Drakenhof and Nuln and some drybrushing with Runefang, but not in the order and I want to go back in with the Runefang.
  • The wraps are Sepia’d, then drybrushed up with Dheneb Stone
  • The loincloth is PP Cygnus Yellow, Sepia’d. I painted over the Steel Legion Drab I had here, as I want my Star Players to have the yellow compared to the pink on the regular team.

The skin is more complicated. I started with a layer of Sepia, wiping away the excess with a finger from the highest points on the model. Then I mixed GW Bloodletter (glaze) and Drakenhof 2:1 to make a semi-purple wash. I painted this in thin layers along the bottom of each “semi circle” in his muscles, and in the areas of shadow in his armpits and on his left side where the arm and his side are close to each other. I did this twice, and then finished with a thin layer of just the Drakenhof in the very deepest recesses. I did a quick drybrush with Dheneb Stone over the tips of the fur.

This is still just a work-in-progress post because I got pulled away by a baby, but he’s pretty close!

Blood Bowl – Skaven – Kreek the Verminator

Again, with Foodbowl coming up, I need more Skaven Star Players. I set out to find a conversion for Kreek, the Verminator. There are an awful lot of Rat Ogre models in the world, and 90% of them are not my cup of tea. Most of them look like they were sculpted in the 80s, which is not an aesthetic I like.

The good ones are: the 2 Island of Blood models, the Screaming Bell model, and the Stormfiend models. I’m already using one of the IoB models, the one that would be most appropriate for Kreek since his concept art in the book looks a little cybernetic. I didn’t want to use the other IoB ogre, just because I’m stubborn that way. I set out to find either the Bell ogre or 1 Stormfiend, because I didn’t want to buy a $80 box just for this model. A friend ended up selling me the Bell ogre, which is great because it’s a great model, but part of me think the Stormfiend would have been a better conversion (despite initially thinking the Bell ogre was better).


I turned his head forward so he’s looking at his target, and put a ball on the end of the chain, and put the cork into his hand where the full model is gripping the Screaming Bell cart. This rat ogre has a Ball and Chain on the field, so he’s going to join my power lineup to beat the crap out of my opponents in Foodbowl!

Blood Bowl – Skaven – Fezglitch

When I was last playing Skaven, I decided I wanted to make the Star Player Fezglitch in case I got enough inducements. He’s a Plaguemonk with Ball and Chain and Festering Prescence and just seems awesome. With Foodbowl coming up next month, and the Commissioner dropping the restriction of only allowing 2 Star Players, Fezglitch is one of 3 who will be joining my Skaven team this year!

IMAG2718.jpg IMAG2719.jpg

He was pretty simple —

  • Zamesi Desert skin, mixed up with Dheneb Stone. Sepia a couple times to bring it down, then Zamesi up again
  • The cloak was P3 Cygnus Yellow, mixed with GW White Scar up and then Sepia’d done and wiped away in places. I used GW Waywatcher Green in the folds and along certain lines to make it look a little more gross.
  • Warpstone Green and the Waywatcher Green in the crystal and fire for a plaguey fire thing. Not my finest work.

I wanted yellow rats to look different from my regular pink team, but I think the yellow doesn’t look great. The skin is yellow enough, so it’s not a big contrast from the skin, despite me trying to make it more contrasty. And my fire regularly sucks, so my plague fire sucks more.


Blood Bowl – “Hack Enslash”

I made 3 skeletons before this season started, assuming that I’d realize part-way through that the common internet wisdom that zombies were way way better than skeletons would turn out to be a little exaggerated.

It is not exaggerated, zombies are just plain better.

One of them is in my roster, because I paid for him and then that was that. One of them has been ripped off his base so I could use the base for a special project. And one of them has been converted into Hack Enslash, an Undead Star Player.


Clayton was good enough to give me an ork nob choppa which I split into two pieces, both of which were only about the size of my model. This was the best option — every other chainsaw was easily twice the size of him!

I’m playing Foodbowl this Sunday, and if you’re at all interested in Blood Bowl you should sign up and come to the Fraternal of Order of Eagles. It’s a special 4-player game that’s going to be some crazy mayhem!