Skorne – Cataphract Incindiarii (more)

I came back to my blog after a little break over the holidays and found this picture in my media folder! Turns out I had finished my Incindiarii that I had posted about priming a while back. 🙂

This was a bit of a lesson in GW washes. I love them, in general. In particular, I love that with my WMH project that they let me care a lot less about getting things perfect, and just to let it lie where it is. The army is all gold and red and sepia, so just wash the shit out of it and be done with it! I have really enjoyed painting it, just because I stopped caring about pushing the art and technique of painting for a while and just painted.

On the other hand…when you get down in a bottle of Seraphim Sepia and are left with the dreggs don’t put that on a model!! You can clearly see, even in this cell phone photo, the guy on the left is much darker than his buddies. It was a real challenge to try to bring him back up after that mistake. >.<

Actually, I think this is a work-in-progress photo still. I definitely painted the gems on their armour!

Skorne – Cataphract Incindiarii

I hope I spelled “Incindiarii” right…

I made the Arcuarii, but after playing them and reading a bunch, these flame dudes are better in a lot of ways. My army doesn’t currently have much anti-infantry, so having a bunch of flame templates to drop around is pretty nice.




Also, got to use the Basius some more!

Skorne – Bronzeback Titan

I picked this guy up for a decent deal (precleaned!).


My initial thought was to paint him for Foodmachine so I’d had a fully painted 56 points out of 57 for a Morghoul1 army. The more I thought about it though, the more I didn’t want to stress that much. So I assembled him, and maybe he’ll see use at gaming Wednesday.

I need to paint those swordsmen or Arcuarii, I think. Or assemble some Incidarii. And paint them.

Skorne – Krea – In Progress

This guy was primed and sitting on my desk at the same time as the Beast Handlers, so I painted some of him with left over colours from them, mostly.

White primer again. The metal was as previous. The skin is still in progress, but right now it’s the SW Red Black, SW Amethyst and some Dheneb Stone in places to clean up spilling from other areas. The downside of deciding to keep a surface white-ish, is that when you aren’t careful with other colours, you have to fix it up later.


I tried to use my phones flash here because it was really late and there wasn’t enough light. I think while it didn’t wash out my colours, it’s still a little odd looking. Or maybe the paint job is just odd…

Skorne – Paingiver Beast Handlers

These guys are the basis of most armies that I’ll be making with Skorne, so they were pretty high priority to get painted up. I kept thinking of taking photos mid-steps, but instead kept painting. It felt pretty good to finish them over the weekend, but now you only get 2 photos. 🙂

I started with white primer (thank heavens) and Basius bases.

The cloaks started with Bloodletter glaze, which is super orange. Then Secret Weapon Red Black, which wasn’t enough again. Then Seraphim Sepia. Then I realized what I wrote wrong when I wrote about Morghoul — I’d done another layer of Bloodletter. The thing about this second layer, is that because now it’s going over a brown, it tames out the orange and makes it RED, which is awesome and very satisfying to finally get to the colour you were hoping for. 🙂

The scarves/ribbons/whatever are Tallarn Sand, Seraphim Sepia, Tallarn, Ushapti. Before the Ushapti everything felt like it was melding together, as I had a bunch of pale orange/pale beige together. One downside of the white primer+glaze technique is that it does require a lot of faith in your layers, because before I near the final stages it’s all very pale and washed out.


The metal was as I’ve done in previous Skorne models. And the bases were a modification of the Immortals — Abbadon Black watered down, drybrush Codex and Fortress, Guilliman Blue, I think some Secret Weapon Heavy Body Black, then some more drybrushing. The tracks were Tallarn, Sepia, Tallarn, and a drybrush of Ushapti.






Super happy they’re done! Unfortunately, I still don’t have a 50 point army fully painted and I’m hoping to play in Foodmachine (which may have passed by the time you read this :)). Realistically I’ve got the Swordsmen and Arcuarii still to paint for 50 points (I keep wanting to write “50ss”…) full painted, which is 12 models in a week and a half, which isn’t going to happen.

Looking at War Room, if I painted the Bronzeback I would have 50 points with Morghoul fully painted. But it would not be a finely tuned list, and would probably frenzy almost every round due to Fury issues. BUT IT WOULD BE PAINTED!


Hordes – Cyclops Brute


When I get into a new game, I need something visual to draw me to it. I consider myself a game player primarily, despite this blog, but I like cool looking things more than I like powerful things. (Malifaux is an excellent game, because everything is cool looking, and everything is powerful!)

When I first found Warmachine/Hordes many years ago, I looked though their catalog to find models that spoke to me. The Cyclops Brute in the Skorne faction was the model that did it for me, with the Immortals being the next ones. Then when the big stompy elephants were pretty cool looking (as opposed to all of the Warjacks of the game, which look bloody stupid!), I was sold!

This was the only model painted in the army for the longest time. When I got into it, I noticed that very few people had painted models, at all. (Todd, who is now an excellent commission painter, was an exception). I wanted to be different, so I painted this guy.

After I was unable to convince anyone to play it with me, he sat unused for a long while. He might have been the first time I used a GW wash and white primer! I remember his pants are white primer, with a red wash and then a black wash and that’s it and I thought they looked so cool! (I still kind of do, although I can see how simple they are :))
P1310200 P1310201 P1310202

Still really love the look of the cyclopses in this game! Plus the fluff…they are all but brutal animals, but they can see into the near future and can predict what their opponent will do.


Hordes – Titan Gladiator Final

After my last section, I did the red glaze on the skin, but I wasn’t super happy with it so I ended up going back in with really thin layers of the lighter and darker grey, as well as with the amethyst combination in the under areas.

I did the green glaze over all the gold and I really liked it, but went a little far. As well, with all of the other glazes the gold had lost it’s shine, so I went back along 30% of the edges with the Dwarf Bronze, and then 5% of the edges with Mithril Silver to give some variation. This gold is most of the model, so it was important to change it up a little.

The back banner was fun and a little frustrating. I used a couple layers of the Bloodletter glaze which was still super orange. I did a layer of the SW Red Black, and decided to get some more red in it and did some really light layers of Mephiston Red which made it a lot redder. Then I took the Amethyst mix and weathered the banner a bunch. I got impatient in a few spots, and the glaze had dried along the edges and was still wet in the middle and it left a big ring. So I had to go back with the Mephiston and start again.

Lastly I took a number of really light layers of Vallejo Amarillo Lunar Moon Yellow and lightly painted in the yellow star, to help keep the banner visible even under the layers.

Here’s the metal one!


P1310193 P1310194

And here’s the new plastic one! Much easier to paint because it’s so light!

P1310195 P1310196

And here they are together!

P1310198 P1310199

Skorne – Immortals, pt 2

After Kelly commented that my Immortals looked ethereal like Return of the King, and some other dude said “they’re coming along!” I decided my Immortals apparently didn’t look finished. >.>


I don’t want to pull out my camera setup without a big pile of models to photograph, so here they are again via phone-camera and desk lamp.

Seething Ginger (who is posting a lot about Zaal 2!) posted this art for Immortals with the UA that I had already half-way copied, so I finished the job. Burnished Gold on the edges, with Nuln Oil to calm the brightness down and to re-shade the recesses. Blood for the Blood God for a quick’n’dirty gem paint job. Much less ethereal, I think! Do you think? 🙂

Hordes – Agonizer

Painting this guy was really neat. I did a really thin wash of Codex Grey over his entire body, and had planned to highlight up and shade down…except that because of the white primer he was already pretty contrasty.

I started from there by mixing SW Amethyst with some Golden matte medium and water and painted that into most of the crevasses and under him. The matte solves the problem I had of the SW washes being overly shiny in some places.

I used a wash of GW Abaddon Black, then the Waywatcher Green glaze in places to mix it up. Then highlighted back up with Codex Grey and then Fortress Grey, then mixed in some SW Amethyst to darken a bit, then mix in Dheneb Stone for the last highlight.

P1310204 P1310205 P1310206 P1310207

Hordes – Immortals

These guys were fun to paint and relatively quick, but I feel like they need something more.

I did some image searching to see what other people were doing with these models, and found this guy’s painting log photo of his Immortals. Jade Immortals, I like it.

I started with a base of GW Caliban Green, then shaded down with SW Heavy Body Black mixed with the Caliban, then just the black in spots. Went up again with the Caliban plus some Skull White, then more Skull White in the mix. Then drybrushed with GW Fortress Grey since it was out when I was doing the bases, then another drybrush of just the Skull White in places.

The problem with them is that they’re very bland. There’s just this dull green, with a dull grey base. And sure it’s good looking, but nothing pops out. I feel like I should have painted their armour in the gold+verdgris I’ve been doing on the Titans to give it a little bit of umph.

P1310211 P1310213

I also had to re-figure out the bases, since I haven’t written about them at all during this project. Drybrush up with Codex then Fortress Grey. Watered down Abaddon Black all over. Then Guilliman Blue and Waywatcher Green glazes. I did some Nuln Oil in the recesses to deepen them a bit, then drybrushed up with the two greys again.

Then glue some Army Painter Tufts onto them. 🙂