Malifaux – Chiaki

I started painting Chiaki with the colours that I had down to paint Toshiro in. I like them a lot less on her though, the green doesn’t look quite right, and the “wave of energy” or whatever her base is made of is a really strange colour against the high saturation colours of her dress and scarf thing.

Then, once again, I suck at faces.

P1290297 P1290299

Ressurectionists – Ashigaru


I really like how these guys turned out, so I’m a little sad that they might just end up being summon fodder instead of an actual part of the crew. I started by using this image as reference. You can probably tell this, but I use these images just as a starting place for the most part and then take it whatever way the paint wants to go.

In this case I liked the contrast between the grey/blue pants and goldish armour. I ended up doing Stegadon Scale green pants, shade, shade, highlight. And Mithril Silver armor, with Seraphim Sepia and then went over again with the Mithril Silver, really wanted down. When you do this you need to get rid of most of the paint from the brush, because if this stuff runs you’ll end up with silver all over your model, and that sucks.

Bone was just Ushapti, Seraphim, Ushapti. Red was Mephiston Red with two coast of Seraphim. Bases were the same as for the Crooligans previous, except I started with Stegadon Scale Green and drybrushed up from there, and I’m really liking the colours on these bases.

Here’s a ton more photos.

P1290316 P1290317 P1290318 P1290319 P1290320 P1290321

Rotten Belles

These models are brilliant in Malifaux, and if I’m going to play Ressers I’m going to need to have access to one or two. Angry Andrew was getting rid of his Malifaux, so I bought an old metal Seamus and metal Nicodem box from him for $5. I took 2 of the 3 Belles (because the 3rd one is hideous) which I liked the models for, and gave the rest away.


You can see I’m trying to solve my complaint about manufacturer bases here. I sculpted these based on the Secret Weapon bases I’m using on my Ressers and am hoping it looks similar enough. I used the standard milliput here, and I’m going to need to buy more of that stuff considering how much I’m using it. After it dried, I used the Vallejo Oxid Paste to create sand/dirt piles, as in the original bases.

I think that making my own bases made me love these older metals more. Instead of just gluing them together and saying “hey, they are filler”, now they have something custom on them, which makes me feel more ownership to them.

Masters of the Path box set

Well, most of it. Chiaki is good for potential Ten Thunders stuff, and the Ashigaru can be summoned by Toshiro or taken when Tara is a Resser.

Yan Lo and the Soul Porter stayed on the sprue for now, I don’t need another Master to learn quite yet. 😛


The bases are Secret Weapon. The more I use these, the more I hate being tied to manufactured bases. When I run out, I have to get more shipped to me, and that sucks.


Malifaux – Crooligans – Final

These guys were pretty simple.


The guy I just Nuln Oil’d Codex Grey and was pretty happy with the outcome, particularly with his bandages being so bright at the edges of the model. Those were Ushapti, Seraphim Sepia, Ushapti, done.

Both of their skin was pretty much the same as Toshiro, with the Ryn Flesh and whatever wash I used and…yeah, still don’t remember.

The girl was the Warpstone, but I went a little heavier with the brown. At the edges of her dress I used Snakebite and Codex to weather her dress a bit, but otherwise it was the same colours as Toshiro, just with a little less care. >.>

The bases were just drybrushed with the two greys, and then I washed parts of it with Seraphim Sepia and I think these pretty bland looking bases look just great!

Malifaux – Toshiro – Freehand

I wanted to do some freehand on Toshiro’s back, seems like a decent place for it.


I put a question up on A Wyrd Place on Facebook and got some ideas of how to find an image to use — “japanese mon“. I picked this crane image because it was kind of cool, and not overly complicated. AWP recommended I draw it out a bunch, so I started big and worked my way smaller. Then I swapped to using some watered down black paint on the paper, getting smaller so I could somehow figure out how to put this image on a teeeeny little back.


I started painting with the beak, because it felt like it was in the most difficult place under the rip in his cloak. Because the paint was pretty wet, I had to to be sure to get most of it off the brush so it didn’t run. I did a couple layers of the black to make it show, and then went back with the Warpstone Green after in places to clean up the work.


I think it looks pretty good, although maybe not so much like a crane. 🙂 Wondering if there’s anything I can do to make it a little bit more obvious, or maybe I’ll just leave it.

Malifaux – Toshiro – Final (Kinda)

I’ve all but finished the Crooligans and now I’ve kind of forgotten how Toshiro went together…so lets see if I can piece this all back.


I don’t know about this photo. Makes him look super flat. He’s not that flat. >.>

The cobblestone was the stegadon green, with black just behind it. After I drybrushed Codex Grey and Fortress Grey over it, I feel like both colours looked the same…but looking at it now, maybe there’s a small difference, and enough to make it interesting. I mixed Mephiston Red and the SW Amethyst together to make a horrible redish purple that I used as innard fluids, which I painted directly underneat Toshiro and behind him…and on his pants after they were done…and in his guts.

His cloak was just the Warpstone Green, and I tried to make it a little different by mixing with the SW Flesh Wash, and then with some Snakebite Leather, but I feel like it just got still greener. Ah well.

The skin was that Ryn Flesh (actually this time — I have the paint pot in front of me), and I think I mixed it with the SW Flesh Wash, but in the end it wasn’t satisfyingly deep. The dude has crevasses in his skin, and you couldn’t see them. I think I mixed it with some green of some sort…and then it was to green…so I went back with Ushapti Bone (the hardest working colour in the box) and it got less green but still not a great colour (if you’re alive, it wouldn’t be a great colour) and I’m happy with it.

The rest was pretty simple, I thought it all looked nice with a basecoat and a wash.

This model and the Crooligans had a case of bad primer. Toshiro got away pretty ok, except on his lower pants, where it actually looks pretty awesome because it’s all caked up and red with blood. The Crooligans, it just looks fuzzy and consequently I’m less interested in making them look super amazing, just good enough. They’ll come along in another post or so. 🙂

Also, it says “Kinda” in the title — I did some freehand on Toshiro’s back, and it turns out you can’t see his back because you don’t have the model in front of you! bwahaha! That’ll be along soon too. >.>

Malifaux – Some Ressers. Or Ten Thunders.

I bought Toshiro on sale at Wet Coast earlier this year and haven’t had time to put any paint to him. I bought him originally to try a new Mei Feng list that involves her, him and Komainu, but I couldn’t find any Komainu proxies that made me happy so I wasn’t certain where that plan was going. One day while setting up to play a 4-way game against some friends, I noted that they’d all declared Ressers (filthy Ressers…) but I’d declared Arcanists. I had an epiphany — I could declare Ressers with Tara and Toshiro and summon Ashigaru!

That was fun, so now I’m building up some models to play Tara as Resser. I picked up the Masters of the Path box for the Ashigaru and Chiaki (and as a bonus it comes with Yan Lo…).

These are the first models I’ve painted in months (since well before the summer painting contest) that didn’t have a deadline attached to them. It’s freeing and fun. I’m putting paint on models and I don’t even care what colours I pick. So Toshiro is ending up in a Resser green. The Crooligans are getting the leftover paint — I’m not focused on them right now, but thought I’d based coat them since they were getting many of the same colours as Toshiro.


His clothing is Warpstone Green, an absolutely love colour. Blazing Orange for the shirt under his robes. Some P3 colour called Rylth Flesh (or something like that) because I didn’t have a GW flesh colour light enough. Ushapti Bone on the bamboo, Mithril Silver on the sword, Codex grey on the clothes of the Crooligan in the back.

Also, I’m playing with using Stegadon Green as a base layer for the stone. I’m wondering if it will give it a different hue, to separate one set of stones (front) from another (back). We’ll see!