Blood Bowl – The Replacement

It got weird.

I’m playing in FoodBowl this weekend. It was a great event last year, with some great custom made boards and some fun rules for charity. This year the organizer got rid of the “only 2 Stars” rules, so the field was open for craziness. You’ve already seen my Fezglitch and my Kreek. I ordered Glart at the end of September, knowing he’d be here before the event on November 5th.

On October 27th, a mere 8 days before the event, I gave up hope that Glart would arrive before FoodBowl and started a Stormfiend conversion. I didn’t even have an idea of what rules to use with it, I just knew that if I had a Stormfiend, I’d have something. I quickly secured a model and scrounged my bitz box for something to use as hands, because I didn’t want to use the Stormfiend guns and it had to be a conversion, otherwise it was just a Stormfiend on a tiny little base.

Enter: ancient Old One Eye claws.

When I worked at Park Royal GW I got part of a Tyranid army and I think it included an Old One Eye. I didn’t want to do the special character, so I put scything talons on the model and bitzed the claws. Here we are, like 15 years later and the claws are getting used. This is why we hoard bitz! And my wife keeps calling me a hoarder…

IMAG2741.jpg IMAG2742.jpg

My team has a little bit of size creep…my three rat ogre models.


I took a bunch of photos, because I was thinking about it. First off, the shaded basecoat. It’s a pretty standard recipe for me at this point — Zamesi Desert mixed up with Dheneb Stone, Runefang Steel, Emperors Children mixed up with White, Steel Legion mixed up with Dheneb Stone. This is a super fast 3 layers, all that’s important is to stay within the lines and get a quick highlight up. If If go outside the lines in a big way, it’s hard to fix with just washes/glazes, but some messiness can be fixed.


The next layer is also pretty quick. Sepia in most of the recesses of the skin and claws, and the “leather” items. Drakenhof Blue shade over the metal.


Some changes of lighting can be attributed to a different time of day I was taking the photo, but I think this layer included Nuln Oil over the metal to darken it down in places. I mixed red glaze and blue wash to make a purple and painted that onto the lower sections of all of the skin tones, and under things. I like the purple as an “under” shadow colour.


This is the start of the glazing of the claws. They are going red, and you can see the start of that here! I also did another layer of the purple over the skin to darken that more. The purple wash went over the pink cloth as well.

IMAG2753.jpg IMAG2754.jpg

Two more layers of red over the claws.

He’s pretty close to done at this point (November 3rd) which is great so I can have another model to play with in the tournament.

And then Glart shows up in the mail. 2 days before the event. >.>

You’ll see photos of him here shortly, because I am absolutely going to paint him before Sunday!!



Blood Bowl – Skaven Rat Ogre and Thrower

This was a super productive night! I made dinner (plus lunches for a few days), watched a movie with my wife, did some work on my top-secret coding project and got a bunch of shading done on these guys!


Once again I tried one of the Secret Weapon washes, and once again I was disappointed. I was only planning to use a little, but the dropped bottle had clogged and ended up spewing Red Black all over my palette. At which point I figured I’d use it, since it was there. But it again left a glossy sheen over my model. >.< Luckily it was an early step after basecoating, so there will be lots more pigments to go over it.

Really happy with the big guy! It’s a really nice model, with nice big muscles to shade and good composition for my colour choices. He’s going to look super awesome on the table! I want to drop some green onto his base to keep it in line with the rest of the team, but the more I paint it the more I think it just looks great as-is.

My defensive thrower is looking less awesome, but still pretty good. I think he needs a nice black rim on his base…


Blood Bowl – Skaven Rat Ogre and Thrower

I finally made enough in-game money to buy my rat ogre!!!!

This is a big deal. I’ve had about 16 games this season, and I’ve been saving up to buy him since the first one.

I bought one a large number of games ago, but he died 3 turns into his career. Like dead, apothecary, re-roll to dead. I’ve been living from paycheque to paycheque since that day, having many dead rats and needing to buy basic linerats to keep the team going. I’ve rolled twice on Expensive Mistakes and lost 50k to it. I almost played a game where I got 800k in inducements. >.<

But finally, my last game I got my break. I rolled a 3 for cash, won the game and had +2 FAME. I took the chance and re-rolled the treasury and it came up 6!

So now I have to paint the guy. And also this thrower, who is also a big deal.


One guide I read recommended an offensive and a defensive thrower. The off. thrower has all the good throwing skills – accurate, extra hand, +ag, etc. The def. thrower you give him block first skill. You put him on the table because you want a model with Pass and Sure Hands so you can get all the defensive touchdowns.

I almost forgot to put paint on the thrower, but managed to get some colours on him from the remnants of the base coat I used on the rat ogre. These are the last models in the team that don’t have any paint on them, (although not the last models to be finished — lots in a “half done” stage) so it’ll be nice to have a “fully painted” team. Hopefully I can keep this painting up into the next month to finish the team off. 😛

Blood Bowl – Skaven Expansion

The Skaven Blood Bowl box only comes with 2 Gutter Runners, but 4 are pretty much required to play. I commissioned Patrick to sculpt me a couple Gutter Runners from a Clan Rat base, inspired by these models. I wish I’d taken a photo before I primed them!

I also bought an Island of Blood Rat Ogre from a friend and tossed him on some cork. Cork is the best way to make a model fit on a base smaller than it’s footprint. 😛

imag2383.jpg imag2384.jpg