OFCC 2014 – Photography

One more bonus post before I get back to painting stuff.

This photography setup was in the corner of the gaming room. A lot of lights and tripods and hangers and not shown is a very sturdy tripod with a camera on it.


OFCC 2014 – Day 2

Day 2 came early again. Tournaments are crazy because you stay up super late because you’ve got fun things to do, and because you’re excited for the next day and then you wake up super early because the organizers are trying to squeeze as much into a single day as they can. If you start at 10pm, run a 2800pt tournament with 3 games in it, with lunch and a mid-afternoon break, you’re ending at 9pm. It’s a tough call to make, and most people seem to be on the side of waking up early.

I only played one game on Sunday, because of our 5-person-4-person team. I thought of this only while watching Pete play my army — me sitting out the last game was perfect. As the worst player on my team, we’d naturally want to have our strongest players on the table at the end of the tournament when we would be playing against our strongest opponents. I didn’t plan it that way, but I was super happy with how it turned out! 🙂

After the jump, more photos!

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OFCC 2014 – Day 0 and 1

Instead of pulling my photography stuff out, I edited photos from the weekend. I know I still owe you guys some final photos of my skinks, rippers, maybe those tokens and *cough* the last Old Blood (who won’t be finished anytime soon), but I just couldn’t be bothered to set it all up last night. >.<

So now you’ll get to read about OFCC 2014. I’m going to post these in quick succession instead of waiting my usual 3 days, and hopefully we can get back to some painting shortly!

There are a ton of photos in this post, so I’m going to put them behind a cut.

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OFCC 2014 Painting Todo

While the last month and a bit of blog entries has been scheduled after the Wyrd contest, and while I did not get much painting done at all in the last months of the show I was in, I haven’t been entirely slack. I’ve been busy assembly-lining skinks for OFCC.

I don’t have photos of them yet, but they should be done really soon, because I have a list of things that need doing before the 26th of September!

  • 24+ extra skinks. My lists have been under powered by far because I only own 33 skinks. Another 24, plus using my camo skinks, means that I can get up to a useful amount. These guys are almost done.
  • 6 Ripperdactyl riders. These are such cool units and models, and I really want to use them. I need another 3, as I already have 3 in a box, but either way I need to shake a leg to get them painted!
  • Old Blood on Cold One with Stegadon Helm. I have my Old Blood with the Blade of Realities sorted, but I need to get my tanky guy done. I’ve built him, but he’s on pause while I finish skinks and figure out this Agrellan Earth business.
  • Finish a base for my 3rd skink priest. He was previously riding a stegadon, but I need the steg naked now and need a third priest.
  • Make another 1-3 skirmisher movement trays. I need at least 1 more, but if I have time for 3 they probably will get used at other tournaments.
  • Something to replace the Engine on my stegs back. This is the least likely thing on the list to be completed, but here it is. My current stegadon has an Enginey thing on it’s back, and I’m not using it as an Engine. Also, has no Giant Blowpipes, which is a bit of a WYSIWYG issue. We’ll see how the month goes.

I’m not doing as much circus this month, having brought it down to a single 2 hour class…on Wednesdays. I really want to take this class, and I’m super sad that it interferes still with Warhammer, but sometimes we don’t get everything. 🙂

However, I should be able to bring up the painting. If anyone has 3+ rippers they don’t want…I’d love to buy them from you. 🙂

Temple Guard – Banner Mk2

I had originally planned my Temple Guard banner to be modular. This was mostly because I didn’t have a plan for making one until after I’d finished the unit, but once I was done my original one I realized that I could easily make a new one for it.

The Thursday night before OFCC I scrambled to use some Sculpey to create a big slug of a banner and pin it so that it would fit into my banner-bearers hands. I primed it Thursday night and planned on painting it at the tournament. I usually eschew last-minute painting, priding myself on being good at time management, but this was a special case.




My painting station in the Red Lion.


OFCC 2013 – Army

Here are some photos of my army for OFCC this year. Including, a long awaited spread of the Battle Standard Bearer that I painted last year and then promised to get some photos of and then didn’t. 🙂

I’ll have a separate post for the completed Engine of the Gods tomorrow.

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OFCC 2013 – Games

OFCC is a 5-game team tournament at 2800 points. 2012 they allowed Storm of Magic choices to be taken as rare, which was my inspiration for Iron Brush (I just noticed I never posted for my own tournament…>.<) but for this year you had to take only options from your own book which was sad. Not because I had anything I wanted to take, but because I like people being able to take all of their toys!

Unfortunately, I took no photos of the games. I was to busy!

The match-ups were created in a very interesting manner. The first 3 rounds of the tournament were determined by people challenging each other, with the last 2 games having the teams matched by how well they were doing. The team captains came together and brought a copy of each persons list on their team. They diced for who would “present” first. The winner presents a list, and the other captain chooses two lists from his own team for the presenter to choose. The chosen two play Warhammer together. They swap turns, with each captain presenting, until all players are matched. When presenting, the captains talk about what sort of player the person is and what sort of army they brought. In this way, you can get Pete playing someone really hard because he loves those games, and me playing someone a bit less challenging because I’m more of a hobbyist (although Pete has been corrupting me…)

My army:

  • Carnosaur Lord
  • Scar-Vet BSB on Cold One
  • Skink Priest
  • Skink Priest on Engine
  • 38 Saurus Warriors
  • 3×10 Skink Skirmishers with Javelins (one unit had a Brave)
  • 11 Cold One Cavalry
  • 24 Temple Guard+Razor Standard
  • A single Salamander

I won’t post any photos in this, because it’s already massive, but I have a bunch of photos that I took before the tournament of my army to edit and we’ll get to those shortly.

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OFCC 2013 – Colour

I’m going to split these posts into “Games” and “Colour” to keep them from getting overly long. 🙂

I went down to OFCC to play Warhammer Fantasy in Vancouver, WA this weekend with 9 of my CHOP! club members. We drove down last year and had an absolute blast – met a bunch of new people, and they have a team tournament format which I really enjoy. There is only one award given to individuals – Best Joke – every other award is given to a team.

This year my club split into 2 teams – xXx and Boat Anchor. On xXx was Dale, Little Pat, Pete, Scott and myself. Boat Anchor was Jamie, Big Pat, Owen (Pip), Nick Klose and Kas, a fellow I’d only just met this weekend.

Click through photos to see the bigger versions!


Little Pat brought down 4 2x2s for a Mordheim board he’d made a few years ago. My Witchfate Tor and floating rocks, 5 awesome looking armies and you have a second place for painting!

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OFCC 2013 – Just a taste


Lots more to follow, but here’s a teaser image to get you started out. That’s 3 medals between two teams, in a tournament where you can only win one award…CHOP!

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OFCC in Portland (or Vancouver…) this weekend! I’ve never played with such a large army before (2800pts), and I’m really looking forward to the event! Driving down Friday with some of my Warhammerz friends, coming back Sunday sometime.

If you look carefully, you can see the finished Scar-Vet BSB in here, but I forgot to take some solo shots of him while I was doing this last night. Another time.