The Tale of New Archeotech City – Cycle #1

I hadn’t even purchased the new Necromunda box before I started planning out a campaign.

The prologue (Google Docs).

After a sleepy cycle in New Archeotech city, not much had changed. A few small and insignificant gangs skirmishing on the outskirts was new, but it wasn’t close enough or violent enough for the citizens of the town to do much other than continue their day to day routines.

With Emperors Day just around the corner, and all legal entities of the Necromundan Hive Primus preparing for a single hour of rest in the middle of their regularly scheduled shift, it could be that the next cycle continues to be relatively quiet.

Or perhaps, things are just getting started…

Necromunda – Orlocks

Some folks in the club started talking about Necromunda again, and I love that game so I got involved. Once again though, I have the choice between my Orlocks (who have been my first love) and my Cawdor (who I never loved, but who look way better). I sent out a link to my last old models post, to give people an idea of what my Orlocks actually looked like. Someone was disappointed that there were actually no photos of Orlocks in that link, so in order to procrastinate painting some more I thought I’d take some photos! I don’t remember exactly when I painted these. It was after the Dark Elves for sure, but before I worked at GW and learned a lot about thinning paints. 🙂


After I finished painting them, these 4 juves were in every gang list I made. They were cheap, and as long as you didn’t get into close combat they were almost as effective as a ganger. I tended to run them in pairs so they could support each other if they got into combat. I also really love the models!


Gangers have always felt kind of interchangeable to me. Sure, these guys all have different weapons, but in the end you just put them on the table and hope that the weapon you’re holding is good enough to hurt the person standing across from you.


I love this leader model too, although I’m disappointed that the new Community Edition rules don’t allow his meltagun in the initial gang. If I run Orlocks, I’m going to convert something I think. Boltgun/sword is a good combo for a leader. I’m surprised to find the stubber merely primed, since the rest of the gang is actually painted and I ran him in every list I made until I picked up a plasma gun (see further down).


These guys have a variety of stories. The pit slave on the left is likely a model that doesn’t belong to me, I think it’s actually Gavin’s. The dude next from the left is a conversion I made from a tank commander body and some plastic legs and a bolt pistol and flamer and I used him either as a scum or mercenary (I forget which). Gavin had the exact same conversion and I thought it was so cool I made my own. The next model in is a pyromancer, whenever I ran him he didn’t do to much. And lastly the guy on the far right I think ran as a telekinetic because I thought they seemed cool. He’s just an Empire wizard model from that era, I think.


After a large number of games, I got tired of running the same weapons over and over again and bought some Catachans to get some more weapons. I don’t really like them as Orlock replacements, as the Orlock models are a lot less “beefy”. Still, they aren’t bad.


Lastly, and this is also disappointing, two special edition models I grabbed at some point. It’s Scabs from the Kal Jericho comics and a PDF trooper, I think. The disappointing part is that I can’t find Kal!! Likely he was at Gavin’s at some point and now he has my Kal and I have his pit slave. Poor trade. 😛


As for the photography, there’s something missing from these photos. They don’t have the “luminescent” quality that I think they should have. Possibly my lights were poorly angled or not strong enough. I like the last photo, but not the other five.