Blood Bowl – Lizardmen Display Board

Last time I wrote about how I intend to win the best painted award in my Blood Bowl league. This is my clincher, if the terrific paint jobs on the rest of the team don’t work enough.

I had an idea that I’d taken from reading an old post of mine from Adepticon 3 years ago. This guy had made a display board for his team from mouse pad material. But how to get a logo to put on it?

Enter Fiverr, a marketplace where you can buy anything for “$5”. I looked around and found a guy who would do sports mascot design. I paid him $5USD (like $7.50CAD…) to do a line drawing for me. If I liked it, I’d upgrade. I sent him a link to my team photos from years ago as inspiration. He wrote back a couple days later with this.


I liked it, although obviously he could use a tail and a left leg. I contacted him to upgrade my logo – this service cost much more than $5 to do, but given that I knew it was going to be quality work I didn’t mind paying. After some revisions on the line drawing, he came back a few days later with this.


Pretty damn good! But I wanted brighter, poppier and more colourful! It’s something I’ve always worked into my paint schemes from the very beginning of my painting journey with my night goblins — bright colours bring people over to look at them. We had a couple more revisions back and forth, until we got to this drawing.



Not exactly what I’d imagined when I saw his example art. But just because it wasn’t what I would have drawn, doesn’t mean it isn’t great work!

Then the easy part — I paid the gentleman, made a 1900×1600 version of it and sent it off to London Drugs online to be printed on a mousepad. I’m ridiculously happy with the end result!


(I forgot to put the newly finished apothecary into this photo…he was still drying on my desk as I was taking photos!)

P1310222 P1310218 P1310219

I’m going to destroy this painting competition! 😀 😀 😀


P.S. When I had initially contacted rafatha, he was actually the second person I’d asked about doing it. The first person I did an order for $7.50CAD, and then noticed their order queue was ~40 orders and they were going on vacation in September! I’m glad I found rafatha, since his work was much more in line with what I actually wanted done!

At the same time, I should point out the work of this other person, because it’s damn good! This was one actually just $7.50CAD, rather than requiring an upgrade to the base order. This logo may find it’s way into my team literature somewhere, because it’s pretty amazing!



Blood Bowl – Lizardman Priest

Really happy with how this guy turned out! It was a lot of little painting sessions that added up to a lot of good shading and highlighting. My Blood Bowl league is counting down to the Finals in October and the league commissioner has put a bonus out for “best painted” and man, do I intend to win that!

This model is the most recent model I finished, after having focused since I last wrote. There’s about 2 weeks of “final” posts upcoming that have actually been done for months, but haven’t been photographed until this evening. 🙂


I took a lot of inspiration from my posts on previous skink paint jobs for my Warhammer army.

P1310227 P1310230

The base was looking pretty terrible at one point. It was a layer of watered down Snakebite, I think, followed by drybrush of Codex Grey which looked just awful. I did a few spots of glazes to try to make it “interesting” instead of “terrible”, but in the end had to Seraphim Sepia the whole thing to get it to good. I think it really worked in the end, because of the variety of hues under the Sepia.



The feathers are my first time using a Vallejo Game Color Fluorescent Yellow. I like it, but it’s a careful tool to wield. I had to use a lot of glazes to bring the colours back down to a more natural colour!

Pahaux Flamewalkers – Priest Some More Paint

I’ve had some serious painting ADD recently, floating between projects as the winds blow (and if you were in Vancouver yesterday, that’s a lot of wind!). I almost suffered from it again, first thinking I could paint the murderspider before today and then thinking I could paint a Silent One before today, but still having the Union Miners and Skorne Cyclops Savages on my project list (not to mention the Guild Death Marshals I only basecoated…)

So I decided to focus more. I’ve had an apothecary for my Blood Bowl team assembled for 2 months, and every time I use him in a game I roll double 6s and one of my team members ends up dead. >.> I think he resents being used, but unpainted and ignored.

It’s a fairly simple scheme so far – Codex Grey on the skink, Shadow Grey on the stone, probably Snakebite Leather on the wood and on the ground. I drybrushed Codex Grey over the brown ground, and regret it now.

A month later I added more basecoat and Guilliman Blue in the recesses of the ground…that ground is going to be a problem…


Blood Bowl – Lizardmen – One More Saurus

When I made my lizardmen team for AdeptiCon a few years ago, strangely I only built 5 saurus players. It’s strange, because I was building a team, and I knew that 6 saurus were the optimal number (also, the maximum number) and building a 6th wasn’t that much more effort than the 5…so why didn’t I? Laziness. So now I have to catch up for past-Craig’s laziness and paint one more player model for my team.

Here’s a base coat, which is much easier to copy because of the notes I made many moons ago on the colours I used.



I swear one of these days I’ll take photos of finished models…so busy…

Pahaux Flamewalkers hire a pitch-side priest

A friend started a Blood Bowl league about 2 months ago and I joined up. I love playing this game, and the RPG-aspect at the end makes it even better!

2 games ago I saved up enough to finally buy my Kroxigor (the commissioner convinced me not to buy him initially), and the very next game I bought an apothecary so I could protect my guys better!

I came home from a night of training for our upcoming show (June 6th, Hats Off day in Burnaby, you should come if you live in Vancouver) and opened my bitz box and everything I pulled out of it gave me an idea for a project!

wpid-imag1332.jpg wpid-imag1337.jpg

After the first photo I sent it to my club and trolled that I was converting my army to round base for the rumoured 9th edition change. 😛


Foodhammer 2014

I’ve been super busy this year and haven’t had as much time to play Warhammer/Malifaux. This is a little sad, but I made my decision and I’m happy with my priorities. So when I noticed that Foodhammer Fantasy was on a Sunday this year, I made sure to put it into my schedule!

I’ve really enjoyed my Lizardmen, since adopting a Nicholas Klose attitude of “Warhammer Fantasy is a terribly written game, but it can be a ton of fun if you want it to be.” At OFCC this year, I took a Skink Priest+Beasts magic heavy list, that was fun to play but not terribly effective. For Foodhammer, I wanted to do something completely different, and I’m stoked to see that I finally have enough models to do that. As well, because Special Characters were allowed I was really happy to finally start and finish painting Chakax, which is such a badass model. My list consisted of a Slann+Loremaster High Magic, Chakax, 2 Level 1 Priests on Heavens, a Scar Vet on Cold One, 2 units of Skink Cohorts, 4 units of Skink Skirmishers and a Temple Guard Bunker. 50/50 Lords/Heroes helped, as I went over in Heroes because Chakax is a stunning 270 points.

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Warhammer! – Chakax – Final

I’ve had this model for years. My starting post for him tells the story of how he ended up painted finally. I was about to repeat it…

Another model that I’m intensely proud of, as opposed to some of the Malifaux I’ve been painting. (But not these guys – I love them). Despite the promise of Malifaux being “add a model and dramatically change your playstyle”, and the idea that I don’t have to paint 30 skinks to affect a change, I’m still speeding through a lot of these single miniatures. I wish I could tell you why, but I reserve my deep internal psychological probing for things that are actually a problem. In the mean time, Chakax gets an amazing paint job, and the Fire Gamin get all-but drybrushed. 😛

P1290323 P1290324 P1290325 P1290326

I can’t tell you to much about how I did it, but I’m taking more points from the James Wappel school of painting. He does this highlight-up-shade-down thing, but in my laziness (even here) I’ve been just starting with white primer and bright base coat and then shading down. The thing that I’ve been taking from him most recently, is using a variety of colour tones to create visual interest. The metal isn’t just metallic, it’s got some green and brown glazes on it. The skink isn’t just grey, it has some purple in places. The rock has green and red and blue and purple, then was drybrushed again.

I played with him at Foodhammer last weekend, and he did as miserably as I had expected. It seems nobody wants to get into combat with 1000 points of Chakaz+Slann+Temple Guard, and who can blame them? He was kited around the first game, shot up the second game and in the third game he finally managed to do something. He caused a wound and removed the Armor of Destiny from an opposing Scar-Vet before dying to that same scar-vet. Who is 154 points. As opposed to Chakax’s 270 points. Yeah.

The nice thing is that I didn’t expect the unit to get into combat against a competent opponent. It was more about points denial while the magic/skinks got me points, and about having a solid block if I came up against a push-it-forward player. I liked the unit, but I’d definitely replace Chakax to reclaim some points next time.

So he won’t be played as Chakax again any time soon. Maybe a scar-vet on foot if I need such a thing.


Lizardmen – Chakax

It’s been a while since I painted or posted – after a frenzy of Malifaux stuff, I bought Civ: Beyond Earth and have been playing that. 😛

But it’s been even longer since I bought this model.


Apparently released in 2009, I bought the model almost immediately because it’s so damn cool looking. I assembled him, then started to paint him…and something else got in the way.

He sat on my shelf for most of the intervening 5 years, until I was stripping my horrors for my daemon army and I decided to strip him as well, since I was doing it anyway.

I signed up for Foodhammer Fantasy, after realizing it was on a Sunday, and special characters are allowed and why not continue my reign of  making terrible Warhammer choices by including a character who is wickedly overcosted and doesn’t provide that much benefit! Yay!

I’ve lost one of his horns, so I sculpted him a new one. Also, the original flag posts he comes with are awful, so I replaced them with spear poles.


Skinks!! I don’t even remember the paint job, but it was pretty simple.

Hmmm, no, I remember a horrible story about glazing down to many times and ending up with super dark skinks and having a little panic and then rescuing them with bright colours.

These are my best skinks yet!

P1290003 P1290005

Ripperdactyls – Final

I pretty much wrote everything I could write about these models already, so here’s some photos.

P1290006 P1290008 P1290009 P1290011 P1290010