Dreadball Humans – Final

It turns out that I’ve been painting a bit in my free time (ie, when not on vacation), but didn’t realize it. Finished off the Dreadball team tonight! And I’m pretty happy with how they turned out.

After I last left them, I put a few sections of Bleached Bone on them as a contrast colour. I probably didn’t place it well, but eh…I think I should have used a darker colour on the chest plates. It’s ok as-is, but I think a strong dark contrast in the middle is a better idea.

Then I painted some metal bits. Wash the ever-living-shit out of them. Devlan Mud (yes, I still have 3 pots of the Mud) over the metal to burnish it a bit and bring the Bone down in shade.

I think the finishing touch was the base edges. After I had finished painting them, I realized what my general problem with the models were – they weren’t flashy enough. Every army I have has some wickedly bright colour on it somewhere, where these guys were all darker green. Some bright turqoise, some white and BAM I have a sweet edge highlight that’s somewhat reminiscent of the electronic grid they play on.

P1040593-2 P1040594-2 P1040596-2

Next project – converting a Lizardman Blood Bowl team!

Dreadball Human Shading

I wanted to do these guys relatively quickly, and I started the project with no idea what colours to use, so I really can’t be to weirded out that I still have no idea what colours to use, and that they aren’t “the best models I’ve ever painted”. 😛

The shading technique requires some care to be used, which I did not use. I slapped paint on all over the place!


After the Goblin Green incident of last post, I took Dark Angels Green and watered the hell out of it and applied a layer. Then, feeling whimsical, I took Lich Purple and watered the hell out of it and applied a layer. That was weird. Then, feeling less whimsical, I did the Dark Angels layer again, which removed all traces of the Purple. I was kind of hoping that they would blend in some way, but I guess that’s not what I did. I had a fever. Paint happened.

After that, I took my newly purchased Caliban Green (my DA was pretty dry…) and mixed it with a more water and Rhinox Hide to shade down in the crevasses. Lastly, I mixed the Caliban with some Ushabti Bone and shaded up a bit.

I think these last two were an attempt at solving the problem I’d constructed with my slap-dash – somewhat blotchy paint. It didn’t work out great, but you live and learn. I think after the bases dry, I’m going to dullcoat these bad-boys and see if it solves some of the problems, and creates new problems. Worked out fine for the vehicle weathering…



So now I need a secondary colour. TO MUCH GREEN. I was hoping to copy the green dudes from the book, but that’s to much green too. I’m going to paint some Ushabti stripes on them in places, but I feel like they need a big solid chest-piece-changing colour on them.

I was also thinking of painting their helmets.

Chest? Helmets? I don’t think I can pick two more colours, so just one. And putting the same colour on the chest and helmets is overkill. So maybe just the chests. Maybe just Ushapti. And some stripes.


When you really need a black…

Don’t call P3. They have a colour called Thamar Black. They should have called it “when you need a shade that’s close to black, but still has streaks of the underlying colour after 2 coats”, but I guess they didn’t have room on the bottle. Base black provided by GW and 1 coat. BOOM.



Dreadball Base Coats

As no one provided any suggestions on what colours to use on my two Dreadball teams, I decided that bright green and bright blue were the right choices.




Kidding. (Although I would have loved some feedback…sometimes a guy just wants to know that people are reading!) Mr. Wappel writes about how he does his basecoat in really bright colours, because he shades the colour down afterwards. I thought I’d try that on these models. So I primed them all white, and then did an airbrushed basecoat of Goblin Green and Meredius Blue.

I’m planning on focusing on the human team first. Think I’ll water down the Dark Angels Green and see where I end up. Nice thing about these models – they are all armor. No silly straps or faces to get in the way.

Tyranid Hive Guard 3

Last post on this guy, since I’m calling him done.

Since the last post I added:

  • A 1:3 mixture of Hawk Turqoise and Scaly Green to the top edges of his skin, and every opening.
  • Goblin Green base rim, and some flock on top of the grey gravel.

It’s funny…looking at the photos, the pink and the green highlight are really stark. But sitting at my desk, while I’m painting them, they are relatively calm.

I’m wondering if next time I should paint the HT+SG highlight directly over the original SG base, and then wash over that. I worry that the highlight will get muted by the wash, and also that the skin will be ridiculously shiny (it will be – just a question of whether it’s bad or good ridiculous).

Looking at it now, I’m pretty happy with the green rim. When I was painting it I was thinking “Oh god…goblin green rims…how old is this army anyway?” It’s been years since I painted with the goblin green. But I think it’s a nice colour to go with the yellow and green of the model itself.

I’m really happy with how his armour turned out. More of that in the future.

Links to the other two posts, for ease of reference:

My next 40k project is to finish the Deff Koptas! That will be another project where I start writing when I’m already 3/4s of the way through, but there’s still some work to be done.

Ork Flash Git

I didn’t paint this one, but I wanted to share it and it’s tale anyway.

There was an auction at my local Games Workshop a couple weeks ago, along with some mini-games for prizes. They had as prizes some mail-order only models, and I knew there were about three things I wanted as prizes so I went down to see if I couldn’t make it happen.

I lost every single game. Poop.

Towards the end of the day, one of the local kids won a game and upon looking through the box of prizes realized that there was nothing he wanted. I was standing around and he asked if there was anything I wanted, and I sort of sputtered out “Oh yes!” and picked out the Ork Flash Git. I’m amazed – I’ve been known to give prizes that I don’t care about to kids, but that’s because I have a job and I can really afford to buy just about any model I happen to desire. Good kid.

At the auction, the last three things put up for auction were staff paint jobs, as they usually do, and there was one particular staffer who’s work I admire. I bid $10 on him up from $1 and won his work without a fight. As I paid my $10, I tossed the Flash Git at him, saying “I play Deathskulls”.

(At the end of the day I also purchased the Animosity Orks, so look for them in a painting/modelling project soon!)

Paint Scheme

  • I really have no idea, but I wanted to point out a couple awesome things he did.
  • The squig is my favourite part. Tiger squig! It also has a targeting reticule for an eye. Awesome.
  • The skin is incredibly well highlighted, I can’t even begin to figure out how many layers and what colours he used.
  • All of the metal has been painted it’s primary colour, and then has a little splotch of some metallic colour painted in random locations, where the paint has chipped.
  • He used a similar highlight scheme as the skin (with different colours) to paint the gun-barrel wood grain.

Tyranid Hive Guard 1

For my first post of this blog, I choose a model that I spent most of Sunday working on – sorry I can’t start with a blank slate!

This hive guard has been sitting on my desk for a couple months, assembled and beautiful. We played some Apocalypse on Saturday, and it got me really hyped up to paint some models. Unfortunately, I left my Orks (my current priority project) at my friends place, so I had to suffice with what was on my desk – a lot of random things.

Paint Scheme

Right now he (it?) has 3 colours:

  • Bubonic brown, washed with Devlan Mud. Highlight with Bubonic Brown, followed by Sunburst Yellow. I think this layer is done.
  • Scaly Green, washed with Badab Black. I think this colour went out of print some years ago. This guy belongs to a larger Tyranid army that I started maaaaany years ago, and I made sure to purchase the colours before they were discontinued. Thankfully it’s still liquid. My favourite part about this combination: he looks disgusting. Shiny dark green. Gross. I may end up highlighting to a combination of Hawk Turqoise (another OOP colour?) plus the Scaly Green. But not to much – I like the darkness.
  • Bleached Bone, washed with Devlan Mud. This combination went on his gun and every spike. I’m not certain what I’m going to do from here, but the gun definitely needs some attention to stop it from looking plain.
  • Base is a simple gravel/sand mix, with Codex Gray and Fortress Gray dry-brushed. Goes with the rest of the army. It’ll have some greenery on it at the end.

A few thoughts

  • I have no idea how I painted without washes before. It’s ridiculous how awesome they are. Like that gun – better looking after two sloppy coats of paint than a lot of models that I see regularly. This kind of tool can only make people feel good about their painting (thus they paint more?)
  • Hive guard == badass. All armoured and awesome. I need more of them.
  • In hindsight, another layer of a mix of Bubonic and Devlan would have been a better idea before heading straight to the Bubonic again. It’s a fairly stark transition.

Thanks for reading!