AdeptiCon 2014 – Team Strawberry Flavoured Awesome

Just some photos of the display board we’ve been working on, and the armies that sit on it. I’m playing Daemons of Chaos, and Patrick is playing Warriors of Chaos (after flipping 2-3 times :P)




The whole damn thing. The paper is our fluff, which Patrick wrote. We moved it in later setups so it wasn’t blocking the castle.


Much better. I designed and printed a bunch of business cards. I wanted to promote my blog, and thought Patrick might want to promote Chumphammer at the same time. Everyone wins!




Marauder horsemen. Creepy, creepy Marauder horsemen.


My handsome Plaguebearer unit.


An awesome conversion Patrick was working on for his Dark Elves, but she got ported to this army as a Sorcerer Lord. So cool looking!


AdeptiCon 2014 – Thursday, How You Use It

I haven’t played much Warhammer recently, because of a strong Malifaux addiction, and I didn’t want to embarrass Patrick at the team tournament, so I signed up for this little 1000pt event. It turned out to be super fun – the most fun I’ve had played Warhammer in a couple years! (which then makes me think about why I’m not having fun playing Warhammer…)

My first game was against Bill and his High Elves. My Skull Cannon (Freedom Cannon) shot off 2 of his 3 bolt throwers before dying. I avoided walking towards a unit of White Lions all game, mainly because they were White Lions and I hates them. My opponent had implied earlier that he might have the Banner of the World Dragon (without actually saying he had it), so on turn 4 he reminded me that he hadn’t actually said he had it. I wouldn’t have charged the WL even if he’d straight up said he didn’t. >.> I made a critical game-losing error on the last turn because we were rushing. In the photo below, if I’d turned the horrors and tried to magic off those two cavalry models on the right, I’d have won. Booo. Bill was a fun opponent, although I think I embarrassed him by saying so after the event had ended. 🙁 I think this one was a draw.


My second game I started out worried. My opponent was a younger kid, without a lot of personality to start. As the game progressed he started talking and smiling more, and I hope he had a good game. He was playing his brothers Chaos Dwarves (his regular army is Warriors), and his brother kept coming by every so often and asking why a particular unit wasn’t on the table, or why it was over there and general criticism of how my opponent was playing his game. I won this one, and Freedom Cannon started to show how powerful it really was.


My last game was against Ian Botts, an absolutely wonderful fellow and his beautiful wife. Ian played, and his wife sat next to him and conversed with us. The two of them were pairing in the team tournament the next day, playing Daemons and Warriors so she had a bunch of questions about how my own Daemon army worked out. I was really glad to meet these two, as they were super friendly and we spoke regularly throughout the convention. Ian beat the snot out of me with his Warriors of Nurgle. I deployed back a bit, but not far enough. I only got a single round of magic in before his Chosen were in my face removing my Plaguebearers. At the end, he had 5 Chosen left, and those 5 models were the difference between him winning and me winning (the scenario was Blood and Glory-esque).



Finally, here’s a couple photos of the entire team together at last!

We have…

This is a good looking army!

P1280108 P1280106


I’ll be playing in the team tournament with Patrick, and the 1000pt How You Use It tournament. I may play in the 500pt Warband tournament, if I’m up for it and able – I’m on the waitlist for it right now, and may just wander the vendor hall or hang out while Patrick plays in it. 🙂

AdeptiCon display board – Packaging!

This is just as much hobby as the rest of this stuff…Patrick came over Monday and we worked to fit our board into a board that would meet the Alaska Airlines Checked Baggage Requirements (less than 62 linear inches…).

He brought over a bicycle box and cut the shit out of it!



Wrapped the board itself in bubble wrap. We decided that the crystal labyrinth and castle (which is now finished!!) belonged in a separate piece of luggage, since they were still to tall and breakable.



After Patrick hobbied the crap out of the box.



Here’s hoping it makes it!

AdeptiCon Display Board – Backdrop

Two posts today, and one tomorrow, and the AdeptiCon coverage will continue in an incredibly rapid pace once I get back. (I have 3-4 posts backlogged already for AdeptiCon).

We cut a backdrop for the display board. The theory still being that taller is better and that a solid piece of something in the back would draw more attention. (And damn, does it look good!) I don’t have any photos of the completed piece, but I will definitely do so once our armies are set up on Friday!

I pulled the airbrush out again, figuring that it would have gotten over our dispute from the other day. I started with an Ice Blue, and mixed up a bunch of layers with Kantor Blue and Altdorf Guard Blue.



The airbrush worked out perfectly! gaaaaaah! It painted a nice, solid blue line where I wanted it to.



More blue, and I added some Mephiston Red at some point to head into purple.



I took a photo of my PSI at one point. I spent most of the time painting at this pressure, and it gave a nice solid line. I put it down to 30 at one point, and put a less solid line of the red around.


The final piece! It looks great on the display board! You’ll also notice some spots at the “top”, these are magnets which attach to the back of the board. We did this so that we didn’t have to transport a 15″ tall thing, and could instead pull everything off and transport the tall pieces separately. 

AdeptiCon Display Board – Final?

I finished off the display board tonight. Patrick has been working on his castle thing, and is taking on a few other things for the team, so I volunteered to drybrush the hell out of this thing. I’m super happy with the results!

P1280127 P1280116 P1280117 P1280119


I couldn’t even tell you what I did here. It’s a bunch of different mixes of Stegadon Scale, Charadon Granite, Rhinox Hide, Zamesi Desert, Ushapti Bone, Dheneb Stone, Seraphim Sepia. Literally, I put the paint on my palette and then mixed the next colour in with whatever I had there already.

Something I made sure to do – if I used a colour as a primary on one side, I used it as a light layer on the other side. In this way, I’m hoping to tie the two sides together even though they are wildly different.

I also cut out some black plasticard in the shape of the sides of the board and glued them to the edges, to give each edge a more smooth look and feel. I used the Oxid Paste to fill the gap between the card and the board, but if I was going to do it again I’d have made sure to fill all of the gaps with hot glue and then textured over the glue.

The only reason there is a question mark in the title, is because we’re talking about adding some colour to the black backdrop. We’ll see if I manage to find time for that – it requires bringing the airbrush out again. >.<

Daemons – Skull Cannon Final!

This model was a lot further back the last time I wrote about it.

I added nothing else to the metal “chariot” piece. Although I wasn’t overly happy with this part of the model when I finished it, adding the cannon piece inside of it really helped to balance the colour and provide a solid focal point. With this, the “amorphous metal” looks super good!

The cannon I just did successive layers of the blue and red glazes and went back afterwards with a few Kislev Flesh mixes to keep it the right colour.

The plaguebearer on top I followed a similar scheme as I’ve done previously. Same with the portal he’s walking out of!

You should click to open these photos up – I think they are stunning looking photos!

P1280113 P1280110 P1280111 P1280112

Skull cannon…cannon.

It’s a penis cannon. You know it, I know it, everyone who looks at it knows it. My theory is that Patrick wins all of those painting awards because of his Penis Ratio, and I wanted to try to increase my own for my Daemon army. I don’t have quantity, but I do have quality. As in, my penis is bigger than all of his combined. (Also, he converted the Skull Cannon for me :P)

After the base coat I highlighted up the pink flesh with consecutive mixtures of Kislev Flesh and Bone White. Usually I wouldn’t mix up with white, but because the Kislev is already so bright, I didn’t feel like I had another choice. The primary problem with white is that it removes colour and leaves the surface looking pastel. But because my plan was to go back in with glazes, I felt that this was ok – there would be plenty of colour by the time I was done!


Cannon after all the highlighting.


Cannon after a single application of 1:1 Bloodletter:Water

I painted the Bloodletter:Water mixture into the recesses and the undersides of things. My next step is to do the Guilliman Blue, but to water it even more so that I don’t end up with parts that are blue

AdeptiCon Display Board – Paint!

I put some newspaper down, put on the Game of Thrones commentary and started painting.

Just some broad strokes to start.





And when that dried, I did a ton of drybrushing.



And then even more drybrushing.



There’s still sections that need another highlight, and we’re going to wash down the cobblestone to give it more contrast, (and the pencils need just plain painting), but it’s definitely coming along!

AdeptiCon Display Board – Part Black

I lost track of the part number, and they don’t matter anyway.

This thing is now more Oxid Paste than anything else. Here’s a photo from after I took off all of the heavy objects. It’s glued to the hardboard fairly well.


We got together again tonight and I worked on a backing while Patrick carved out his castle some more. The castle is amazing. Just you wait until you see it!

We took it and my airbrush downstairs and started to spray it black. We had been looking for a product called Krylon H2O that Kas had recommended, but we couldn’t find it in the city so we decided to just spray with acrylic paint and hope. Most of the board is covered in texture anyway.


I have a confession to make. My airbrush is expensive, full of effort and more often than not doesn’t do what I wanted it to do. I can count 3 times when it succeeded at the task I gave it. My ork plane, some terrain I was spraying random earth colours on, and this one time I sprayed Jamie’s tanks. Every other times, the paint is to thick, or to thin, it runs all over the place, gets clogged up in the nozzle, or I’ve lost a part and didn’t know it or it just gets everywhere. It takes a while to take out, and a while to clean up and put away. My airbrush embarrasses me.

The problem this time, was that even once I had a decent mix of the paint, there was no coverage. It was either doing solid thin lines, or transparent medium-sized lines and there was no way we were going to cover the board with it.

I know you can get different sized needles and nozzles for different applications, and I’m wondering if I have a particularly thin set up right now.

We quickly adjusted, putting the airbrush down, grabbing a container lid and our largest brushes and got to work painting black everywhere. In the morning I pulled out my spray primer and went outside to cover up the areas that we’d missed.




We’re ready to put some colours on this thing!