AdeptiCon 2014 – Monday, At Long Last

We slept in. Check out was at 11am, but we had tons of time for the rest of the day. It seems that the best, or only, flight out of Chicago heading towards Vancouver took off at 7:40pm.

First, here’s a photo of the sculpting I did on Thursday night. 😛 I left it at the con on top of a fire alarm pull and it was still there in the morning. Then I carried it around in my jacket pocket for 3 days until I finally remembered to take a photo just in case it got lost any further…a “feather”, a purity seal and a chain. Pretty cool!


After checking out, we sat down in our hotel lobby area thing to figure out the rest of our day. We had a lot of luggage, and we wanted to finally see Chicago!


We had a great cab ride to the city – our cabby was just enough of a right-wing nut-job to be hilarious to talk with! He gave us a little tour on our way in. I wish I’d taken a photo of the old post office – it’s 3 city blocks wide by 1 block deep of abandoned building, with a ton of broken windows. You drive under it on the highway into the city and it’s amazing looking, in that 40k way. 😛

We drove to Giordano’s to get pizza. We’d had pizza Saturday night, but it had been cold leftovers from someone else rather than the ridiculous cheese lasagna you get fresh. It takes an hour for them to make it, so we settled in with some local beer and a game of Neroshima Hex on my tablet.


My god I want this pizza now. I just had dinner, and suddenly, like the heavens opening up after a stormy day, there is space in my stomach and a desire for deep dish pizza.


We toured around the city a bit. This is the water tower, apparently it was saved to save the city from a giant fire in 1871. It sits in the middle of a cluster of giant city skyscrapers.


We went up the John Hancock Observatory – now called 360 Chicago. A phenomenal view, but unfortunately overpriced at $18USD, particularly since the “Skywalk” was closed for construction.

P1280344 P1280345 P1280346


A free e-photo from the Observatory. 🙂


Second tallest building in the U.S at around 1,150ft. For those in Vancouver reading, the Shangri’la (our tallest building) is just under 700ft. This thing has another 400ft on a building that towers over the city I live in.

We found the Lego Store. I took this photo because I love the orange and was thinking about what models I would paint it on. 😛


This piece of modern art was in a park we walked by. Patrick thought it looked like an amazing undead/magic/elf horse and wanted to try to sculpt it. I look forward to the results!



This was a fantastic trip and I’m so happy that I got some good friends out to do it again after we had such a great time last year! I don’t think I’ll be able to go back next year, unfortunately I’m in the middle of some other vacation plans that are going to prevent me from doing it again…but 2016 is a possibility!

Thanks to everyone I met, everyone I played a game with, everyone who I ran into from last year and said “Hello!”, to Patrick and Pip for coming – you guys make it all worth while! 🙂

AdeptiCon 2014 – Costume

I haven’t posted anything about this costume yet, and I only briefly mentioned it at GottaCon (very end of the post, talking about the costume contest).


The Outfit

I bought a simple white tank top and soaked it in tea to make it dingy. I bought a pair of blue coveralls from Marks Work Wearhouse. Steampunk goggles borrowed from my friend Russ. A leather satchel I bought at GottaCon, after I realized that the outfit needed more. I bought a really stereotyped Asian rice-picking hat and made a hammer.


Making the Hammer

The handle is from a toilet scrub brush. I twisted the scrubby bit mostly off and stuck it into the foam. Then cut 3 blocks of pink foam to rough size and glued them together.


There are a variety of techniques on the internet from cosplay enthusiasts on how to make a thing like this, but I didn’t have the materials, so I …did some other things.

I tried to use the lightweight filler that we used on the board, but that wasn’t filling the spaces between the pink foam enough. I tried to use an acrylic gel medium that I had lying around, but that had the same problem as regular acrylic stuff – it filled, but maintained the look of what was underneath it.

Finally, I settled on paper mache. Haven’t done this since I was 7…but you just mix flour and water in a bowl, dip newspaper in it and layer it.


Which worked perfectly!

Afterwards I just spread black on it and drybrushed two kinds of metal and a bit of brown. It’s not great, but it’s good enough!


The End Result


Yeah, you’ve seen this one already…because stupidly, I didn’t get any other photos of it all. 😛

I don’t think I’m going to be a cosplay person, but I had fun putting it all together. 🙂

AdeptiCon 2014 – Crystal Brush Photos

Crystal Brush is the annual painting competition held at AdeptiCon.

I had previously entered my current favourite paint job at GottaCon for judging, partially because I wanted to see how it stood up. Kelly had given me some great advice, but with all that was going on before AdeptiCon, I didn’t have time to make any changes to the model.

I almost didn’t enter it. It doesn’t stand up against much in the case. In the end, I entered because I had the model right there, and the entry table was right there, and…


Anyway, here’s a bunch of photos of what I thought were the stand-up entries to the competition – either because they were really well done, or really original. Originality gets you a ton of points in my book, many more points than super smooth blends. 🙂



This is disgusting and wonderful. If I hadn’t sworn off McNuggets already, I would have done so now.


Super curious what this is a photo of. The thing in the back almost looks like an Aztec Warmachine model.


Indiana Jones in Rivet Wars!


Not a huge fan of the angle…something about the posing felt off to me. But shit, who am I to judge – this is stunning work.


LOOK OUT MR. ROUGH RIDER!! Really like this one. Makes me want to touch rocks.


Obligatory titan photo.


I think I took this photo as a reference for later. 😛 (You’ll see!!)


He’s adorable! And he has a bow.


Rackham Goblins were the closest models to what I wanted to see in Goblins. This unit was well painted, and of some lovely Goblins!




Super Dungeon Explore? There was a bunch of entries of folks painting these chibi little models. THE DRAGON IS SO CUTE I COULD DIE.


Just a beautiful model in a beautiful scene.

AdeptiCon 2014 – Sunday Randoms!

This was my favourite table at the Masters event. The buildings were so wonderfully evocative, I felt like I was having a show down in an old west town!


After the Masters event finished, Patrick was in a similar mood of craziness. He won Best Warriors of Chaos for the Warhammer Fantasy event!! That’s pretty damn impressive considering there’s probably a ton of Warriors players at that event.


This is the top painted crew at the Masters event, and well worth it – some beautiful colours on these models!


Patrick, Pip, and I went back to the hotel, he had a shower and Pip and I played some Floormachine. I’ve got some Khador models, he has some Retribution models. I’m going to try to airbrush my models to keep the painting easy and get some practice in with it. Next time I have a few hours to spend in the parkade with my airbrush…


We made arrangements to hang out with Gareth and Friends for dinner, so we stood outside waiting for a shuttle bus for a half hour. We took off to Hooters and were served by one of the worst waitresses on the planet. I know that they are probably mostly hired for their Other Assets, but this girl didn’t have enough of those to make up for how amazingly poor of a waitress she was. The three of us had a pitcher of Sangria each. 😛

On the way back I took this photo from my seat. Apparently I’m sitting between two very famous Warhammer podcast people, and Patrick says that some people have literally spent a hundred dollars to sit where I was. All I knew that was my friends were over there. 😛


This guy is doing AdeptiCon right.



That night we went back to the con hotel and found the gaming room. There is traditionally a board game night after the con is packed up, and we found it. We played a couple small games, but nothing really serious. Evil Baby Orphanage ended with me winning because two other people got bored enough to make me win. A strange game with creatures and numbers. The UK version of Cards Against Humanity, which is surprisingly different. Also surprising  when you look up and notice that 5 of the 6 other people you’re playing against are British and understand the odd UK cultural references littered throughout the game…

I don’t even remember what we did later…I think we walked back to the hotel and claimed we were going to sleep around midnight or 1, but then stayed up reading and talking until 2:30am. It turns out that in my prize pack for winning the Story Encounter was an unboxed transparent Tara starter box. I hadn’t even seen it until that night, so I started reading her cards and upgrades and trying to get a handle on how she plays. Jamie loves her, but doesn’t understand her…and from reading her, I barely understand her either. I’m looking forward to getting her on the table to Bury some folks and give them Fast…:D

AdeptiCon 2014 – Event Results

A short one, with the results from the AdeptiCon Malifaux events that I took part in!


Malifaux Story –

Malifaux Masters –


12/45 in the Masters event is a damn good placement considering it all!

AdeptiCon 2014 – Sunday, Masters of Malifaux!

Game 4 started eeeeaaaaaarrrrlly. Patrick was good enough to not try to talk to me in the morning, instead he just showered and went off to his own gaming event. I didn’t feel as bad as I thought I would, but it was pretty bad.

Game 4

This was Reconnoiter with Line, Breakthrough, Protect Territory, Outflank, Power Ritual and a Flank Deployment. I choose Power Ritual and Breakthrough and revealed Power Ritual. Jordan Kaase played Sonnia Criid and took Protect Territory and Breakthrough.

Here’s the table —



Lots of open terrain. Against the blast master. >.>

Thankfully I had learned a lesson the night before – Vent Steam is king. Vent all the Steam, all the time. And because it was Reconnoiter, I took my horde crew – 3 Rail Workers, 3 Metal Gamin, Emberling. I took the December Acolyte because of Power Ritual, and the Firestarter because of Breakthrough.

I started off clumped really tight, except for the Acolyte who was in a corner. My plan was to Vent early, and keep it up as long as I out activated my opponent. I didn’t quite get complete coverage of it, and almost lost a few models due to sloppy play on my part, but it worked out pretty well. He wasted a lot of stones getting through the negative, and I used the Emberling/Firestarter combo to supplement numbers in each quarter. The rest of the crew spread out to take Reconnoiter.

Nino is a real problem. Again he stood somewhere and shot at me. This time I didn’t manage to get close enough to him – he was on the other side of the center Reconnoiter bubble and I didn’t want to walk through it and lose points. I had a good string of killing things though – a Witchling Stalker or two came to my left. Criid was on the right. I won this game 8-6.


Game 5

This was Stake a Claim with Line, Breakthrough, Assassinate, Cursed Object, Deliver a Message and a Standard Deployment. I took Breakthrough and Cursed Object and he took Assassinate and Deliver. Matt Birdoff played with a fairly standard Lynch crew on…




Another really open table!

I spread out with the Emberling and Firestarter on different sides to try for the Stake markers and for Breakthrough. I put most of the rest of my crew behind that middle tree and hoped I could get where I needed to go.

Completely by chance I took Sue – I figured his Burning aura and amazing shooting would help out with removing models for Stake. I showed Matt Sue’s Prison Pistol trigger just so he was aware of it – he has a trigger to execute target Totem or Peon unless it discards 2 soulstones, and the Hungering Darkness is a Totem.

Matt deployed at the break in the trees at my left with most of his models. He saw I was playing Mei, and assumed I would come to him. He created a little circle of death in the clearing just in front of his deployment and waited, while senting his Illuminated out to take Stake markers.

Unfortunately for Matt, I’ve played more than enough Lynch and Huggy to know what not to do. More Vent Steam! After this game I started thinking that Vapormancy (a trigger to Vent) should be a standard part of my build. >.>

I stood back in my own clearing with Mei, Sue and the Rail Golem with more than enough activations to keep Huggy from casting at me. I did get off the trigger on Huggy, but Matt stopped it with some stones. Stake is a Strategy I haven’t played a lot of – the flipping back and forth and only 1 person getting VPs a round wasn’t something I was prepared for, but I was glad to have the Emberling loose to drop markers to keep the flow in my direction.

I won this game 8-1. It wasn’t clear, and didn’t ask because I didn’t want to push it, but I think that he conceded the game at the end of turn 4. It turns out there are rules for conceding in the Gaining Grounds tournament package for Malifaux!


Game 6

…was cancelled, to huge applause! 😛

Near the end of game 5, Sean the tournament organizer came on over the PA and announced that he was cancelling the last round because of a number of reasons. A chunk of his crew were falling asleep, a chunk of the players were having to leave game 6 because they had to get to their flights!

I was a little happy too…I love playing Malifaux, but this was getting a little….slow…maybe a little manic from that frothy mixture of excitement and exhaustion. I tried to help clean up, but there’s only so much you can do when you don’t know where stuff goes.


And that’s the Masters of Malifaux, AdeptiCon 2014! This was a fantastic event, really challenging and I met a ton of great people to talk with about this fantastic game on the Internet. 🙂 And right now, I’m sitting at my desk typing all of this and wishing I could have a game with the new crew I just finished assembling…

AdeptiCon 2014 – Saturday, Assorted Things!

In between playing 6 games of Malifaux, I did some other stuff!


My crew set up for paint judging.


Mister Chris Jones volunteering to give Angry Sheep demos.


A stunning 40k display board, Avatar themed.


Some hoofies stand on a rock.




This is neat stuff. I don’t even mind the transparent pillars.


How many layers would you like in your hoofy cake?


Really liking the trend towards 2D painted backdrops. Even as I just airbrushed a purple/blue haze.


I assume it’s a Necron tomb thing.


These guys board was 4 separate pieces like this.


Brandon Palmer at it again.


Apparently that is a ~$300 model on the right.


I don’t even know how much money it costs to get a full sized human skeleton. I hope it’s a cast. >.>


I wouldn’t want to live in the Village of the Giant Skeleton


Details like this caught my eye even as I was walking away from the display. Leaves…


A Malifaux board that I missed photos of from yesterday.

AdeptiCon 2014 – Saturday, Story Encounter and Costume Contest!

I got back to the room 2 hours later to play more Malifaux, woooo!! Folks were noticeably laggier after the break. I had fewer interesting conversations, slightly more subdued opponents, and a discussion that was heading towards “heated”.

Here’s a copy of the Story Scenarios, for those interested in reading about what the games were.

Game 1

My first game was against Paul and his Von Schill. (With NO Lazarus, Tao!) The Schemes available were Line, Bodyguard, Protect Territory, Deliver a Message, Plant Explosives. I took Plant Explosives and Deliver and revealed Deliver. He took Protect Territory and Plant Explosives.


This was a strange game. I was doing very well, and it wasn’t until turn 3 that I noticed something very important to my own sense of how well I was doing. At the start of the game, Paul had noted that he had an achievement in his hand. I said it was to bad it wouldn’t be there at the end, and he said it would definitely be there. I had no idea what he was talking about, until I noticed that he would start the turn by drawing 2 cards, stoning for some more cards and then would put his entire hand except those 2 cards to the side. By turn 5, he was playing with a single card. This meant that on every single duel, if my random flip beat him, he wasn’t stopping it. If his random flip beat mine, I could cheat up to beat him, but he couldn’t cheat back.

In turn 5, I asked him what he was going for, and if I could help. I was going to get 10VPs for the game against his…at that point, not many, I may as well make it more pleasant for him! I cheating down a few duels so that Von Schill could kill Mei for another achievement, but no amount of down-cheating could help his single card hand!

The scenario was neat – place 3 pieces of terrain in the center. You can do a (1) Interact to search them for a monster, and flip on a random table to see what happens. 1VP for finding the monster, and 3VP for killing it. I found it, and the monster appeared in the middle of my crew, so it was relatively easy for me to get this. I won this one 10-3 – I couldn’t remove enough Markers to win by more.

Also, this game showed me how amazing Hans is. I had previously encountered Hans in a game against Tao at GottaCon, but in that game he had been removed pretty quickly. In this game, he brought Sue down to a single wound before I got him behind cover!



I had been wearing this stuff all day, and here is the reason! This was a ton of fun – super glad I took part! As the first costume I’ve ever made, I was pretty pleased with myself – but it pales in comparison to the guy in blue at the back who hand sewed his jacket!



Game 2

I played the tired Andrew T and his Sonnia Criid crew. The scenario was to move brew components back and forth between two points on the table. The Scheme pool was Line, Assassinate, Protect Territory, Power Ritual, Spring the Trap. I took Assassinate on a whim and Power Ritual, revealing Power Ritual. Andrew took Assassinate and Line.

We were randomly assigned the Sewer Board from earlier in the day, but we both looked at it and decided to move one to the left to play on this much more reasonable table.


I took one blast from Sonnia before I re-learned the lesson from Rasputina earlier that day – Vent Steam, all day and all night. Don’t active Mei until he’s done activating, take 2 AP and then Vent that fucking Steam. (-) to Ca and Sh is brutal to a casting master, and it’s all I’ve got to stop my models from being blasted to pieces!

I quickly moved across the table to gum up the middle. I had taken a Performer who can Interact while engaged, so my plan was to ferry the components with her while everything stood in the center. It was a good plan, and it kind of worked.

I regretted taking Assassinate – I’m just not good at the Alpha Strike. But in this case, the Rail Golem had a solid run of low Tomes and Locomoted twice to charge Criid and took her off the table. Jamie would agree, the Rail Golem is bent.

I learned afterwards that apparently the Tournament Organizer had announced that you could Interact while engaged in this scenario. Neither of us heard this, and it could have made a difference. I spent a lot of energy stopping his models from getting to the center, but I don’t remember if he had a brew component there.

I won this game 8-4. Power Ritual is a gimme for the December Acolyte in Corner/Flank deployment (and pretty easy for Firestarter as well), 3VPs for the Strategy and 2 from Assassinate.


Game 3

I have no photos from Game 3. Game 3 started at 1am and ended around 3am. The scenario was that you had to use two (1) Interacts from different models to erect tents on terrain pieces, and the same to take them down. The Defender had to put the tents up and got 1VP for each table quarter containing a tent, and the Attacker had to take them down and got 1VP for each quarter without a tent. The Schemes were Line, Breakthrough, Distract, Plant Evidence, Make Them Suffer. I took Breakthrough and Distract, and Crissy took Breakthrough and Plant Evidence.

This game started out quite poorly, but ended really well. So keep that in mind while you read this story. 😛

I moved my Steam Arachnid Swarm incorrectly, and Crissy made sure I knew it. At 1am, communication and comprehension was very poor and I didn’t understand what I had done wrong. I tried to explain what I thought. She tried to explain what she thought. I tried to explain. She tried to explain. I placed the model on the table and asked if it was ok, and she said it was. It was a difficult moment, and I tried to keep chipper, but it wasn’t easy.

Minutes later I was moving Mei, and the same conversation happened again about how I was moving incorrectly. I still had no idea what I was doing wrong, but I talked through what I wanted to do, with a measuring tape, and Crissy agreed that I was doing it right and we moved on.

I will be honest…at that moment, I thought of leaving the game. It was late, we were tired and irritable, and we’d had two difficult rules discussions within 10 minutes of the start of the game. If the rest of the game continued like that it wasn’t worth staying up super late for. I don’t know what did it, but I decided to stick with the game and keep on keeping on. With the 1:30am chipperness.

That was the last rule problem. And eventually my effort at being friendly turned into just being friendly, and conversation happened and I think we may have laughed, and it was a really great game! We said that we should have a re-match via Vassal at some point, and Crissy is pushing Vassal demos on the Facebook group, but I don’t think I have time to do such a thing! I’m so lame. >.<


On the flight back from Chicago I was reading the rulebook and discovered what our problem that night had been. There was a wall in my deployment zone, and I had moved over it as if it was Severe terrain, paying double movement for the inch wide wall. So I pick up my Swarm that moves 5″, and move it 4″. I have no excuse for not knowing that 1″ walls were climbable, and thus you had to pay for the movement up at double and then you continued moving. So my Swarm that moves 5″ had to move 1″ to the wall, then 2″ up and then had 2″ further it could go, moving a total of 3″. But I’d never played walls that way, somehow. I’m so sorry Crissy, I had no idea!


Now after that story of inadvertent cheating, the rest of this post is a little embarrassing. 😛 …I won the Story Encounter! I left with a pile of goodies! And I got this sweeeet plaque, that I’m super happy to have!


Super happy. Or a zombie. I was told several times that day that I looked like ass. <3 my friends.


Got back to my hotel at 4am and passed right out, happy to have played just a ton of my favourite game against some excellent opponents. 😀

AdeptiCon 2014 – Saturday, Masters of Malifaux!

I walked into the Malifaux room with trepidation. I didn’t know anyone, and I hoped to make a good impression. Direct communication is still the best way to get to know people!

In addition, I was wearing a costume for the Story Encounter that night. I had asked on Facebook whether or not folks wore them to the Saturday Masters, and was told that some people had been the day before. I was staying at a hotel a 7 minute walk away, and didn’t want to travel back at the end of the first event…laziness won out over anxiety so I showed up to the Masters in a tea-stained tank top (“wife beater”, what a horrible name), a pair of coveralls, a stereotyping Asian hat, steampunk goggles, a homemade hammer and a leather satchel. No one else in the Masters wore a costume. >.>

Wargaming is nice, in that if you have nothing to talk about, you can find some models on a table, kneel down and start asking questions. You can ask about how they find the models or how they painted them and if you pick the right person, a conversation is easy to start. I did this and found someone friendly, but then foolishly moved on in the room. Rookie mistake! I grabbed some water outside, rather than stand around awkwardly. 😛


Game 1

My first game was against Jarrett K and his Seamus crew. We were playing Turf War with Line in the Sand, Bodyguard, Frame for Murder, Entourage and Protect Territory with a Standard Deployment. I picked Frame for Murder on the Emberling and Bodyguard on Kang. You can see the table in these photos.

P1280274 P1280275

It was very tight quarters with a bottleneck in the middle. That plus Turf War meant I knew we were going to get stuck in pretty quickly. I knew from GottaCon that Frame was superb with the Emberling – I tossed him as far forward as I could and hoped that Sybelle or Seamus would attack him. As luck would have it, Seamus ended up on one side of that horse and buggy, so I put the Emberling behind the buggy protecting him from attacks from everyone but Seamus…and the CopyCatKiller. I think I tried to out-activate to ensure it was Seamus and not CCK that fired…but it was lucky for me that it was Seamus that finished him off, giving me 3VPs!

We positioned ourselves around the Turf Marker, and Jarrett did a great job of ensuring that he had the 2 models every round, as did I with my legion of cheap tanky models. I remember wishing I could push the enemy at one point, but that’s an upgrade I rarely look at on Mei (and Kang was in the wrong spot). 🙂

Kang killed Sybelle. Sybelle can be a pain in the ass, she buffs the Belles and has a decent attack. She isn’t a high priority target compared to CCK, but she was standing where Kang wanted to stand. Giving Jarrett 3VPs for Frame. Damnit! >.<

In the middle of Turn 4 I looked at the Schemes again and realized that his Bodyguard was on Killjoy, who was still hiding. I Defensive Stanced my entire crew to prevent anymore death that turn, ensuring that Jarrett wouldn’t get the point for Bodyguard! I got that point because Kang was on the table, and is an excellent Bodyguard!

In the end, I won this game 9-8 because I stopped Killjoy from coming on the table! Jarrett was an super friendly guy, and if there had been Favourite Opponent voting, I’d have given him my vote.


Game 2

After my first game went well, I expected a hard second and I got it. I played Jeff Kroesch and his Rasputina crew. We played Reckoning with Line in the Sand, Breakthrough, Distract, Deliver a Message and Spring the Trap with a Corner Deployment. I took Line and Distract, and revealed Line. He took Line and Deliver a Message and revealed Line.

We flipped for deployment and Jeff choose the table side I was sitting in. He admitted after that this gave him a distinct advantage, which I struggled to overcome. You can see the board below, this photo was taken from the side of the table I played from.


Jeff had the high ground, with easy access to stand up against the grates and shoot horrible horrible icey death upon me. He removed the Rail Golem and a Metal Gamin in the second turn, putting me on the backfoot with regards to Reckoning, a Strategy that I’m particularly bad at anyway.

I placed my December Acolyte in the closest right corner to my table edge – you can see a little alcove there, where he spent most of his game. Eventually he tentatively came out of that pocket to earn me 3VPs for Line. At one point I had to push him forward to ensure that Jeff couldn’t remove my Scheme Markers, exposing him to ice from above. I’m not certain what else Jeff had going on, because I felt at that moment like he could have stopped me from getting Line by killing the Acolyte (I felt, relatively easy, given the models Jeff had) and picking up that single Marker. He didn’t, and I brought Kang around to defend the Acolyte.

There was a hell of a lot of movement nonsense going on in my end. At one point Kang Whomped a Metal Gamin to push him 3″ through a door, so he could Walk and Distract. Mei started on the walkway to the top left and Railwalked down when Jeff’s Acolyte moved down.

Actually, that part was funny. I talked through my entire Mei activation, before choosing to do something else. When I finally did activate Mei, I was really glad that I had taken the time to stop – my original thought had been to charge his Blessed of December – which could have given him 3VPs for Deliver! Instead I Vented Steam to protect my models…unfortunately I was to timid and Vented to far back to save the Rail Golem – a costly mistake that I wouldn’t make again in future games.

Jeff won this one 7-6. He congratulated me on holding onto such a solid loss, and I’m pretty happy with this game (outside of that Steam mistake…)


Game 3

2 days of AdeptiCon and 2 hard games of Malifaux later, and I was pretty tired. I played Adam of Cheated Fates Radio and we had a hell of a great game! First, a photo of the terrain.


Adam and I spent 20 minutes discussing how the hell to play this board. We finally settled on the sewer pipes being Ht1 and Severe. That meant the bridges were Ht1, and a Ht2 model couldn’t walk under them. The center of the board had a pit into the sewer pipe from a donut-shaped grate, and it meant that this was also Ht1. And that any Ht2 model caught down there was probably trapped. In this game, the terrain affected my choice of models as much as the scenario did!

The scenario was Squatter’s Rights, with Line, Assassinate, Distract, Cursed Object and Plant Explosives with a Standard Deployment. I played Plant Exposives and Distract, schemes I’m pretty confident with. Adam played Plant Explosives and Assassinate.

I pulled out a Steam Arachnid that I’d only just painted for Ramos, since it was Unimpeded and Ht1. I put that and a Metal Gamin on one side, the Emberling and a Gamin on the other side and Mei, Kang and an Arachnid Swarm in the middle. Adam played Tara as a Resser, with a few Necropunks, the Nothing Beast, Chiaki and a Hanged. I lucked into him deploying the Necropunks on the edges, so my Gamin Magnetized forward and started hurting them badly. On the Emberling side, the Necropunk died, and that Gamin spent the rest of the game moving 4″ a turn out of the sewers. On the other side, the Hanged reinforced his position, and I was pretty sure he had Plant so I backed up to prevent him getting points for it.

The downside with Plant…you can give your opponent 2VPs, and he might take them. But if you put him down to 1VP, he probably won’t take that and you still have to worry about that Scheme. Adam had 2 at one point, and I reduced it 1 by using the Swarm to remove his Markers. Next turn he was back up to 3VPs for it. Thankfully, I also got 3VPs for Plant so we were tied there.

We both got 2 points for Squatter’s Rights. This was a hard Strategy in the sewers, because all of the markers were in the muck! I did my best to take him off of the Markers, but I spent more energy trying to prevent Plant, which he got for 3 anyway. In hindsight, I’d have been better off focusing on the Strategy instead of plant.



Two more things of note happened in this game, one positive and one that I was incredibly frustrated about.

Turn 5 and we’re at 8-6 for me. It’s been a hell of a long 2 days, and a hell of a long day of Malifaux. We’re playing on this incredibly challenging board and both of us are trying desperately to keep it all together. We’ve made a few minor mistakes. Then we made a really big mistake, which ended poorly for me. He activated the Nothing Beast and moved it twice towards Mei who was at 2 wounds remaining and swung at her. He did 1 wound. And then I remembered that Kang had been standing right next to the Nothing Beast when he walked away. We missed a rule.

Different gaming circles have different ways of dealing with this sort of thing, as do different games. Malifaux’s card mechanic means that “backing up” is not possible, since each card flip is affected by all those that came before it. Unlike in Warhammer where you can just pull the unit back and re-roll, or agree to keep it, or 4-5-6 the result, in Malifaux you just have a situation where nothing can resolve it perfectly.

This sort of thing most often happens when an opponent has Terrifying. When I’m moving my own model, I don’t have the Terrifying models card in front of me, and I can’t be expected to remember it has this ability. So far, in my area, we’ve tended to “back up” the card stack so that the first card flipped is for the Terrifying, and everything down the line is flipped in order.

So, here we are. We asked each other what we wanted to do. We were both mortified that an absolutely superb game was about to be ruined by a stupid forgetful mistake. I suggested we leave the cards as they lie and put the Nothing Beast back. Adam suggested a third-party. The third-party we chose said that cards had been flipped, the game continues on. I was frustrated. Adam suggested we call a judge, and abide by his or her decision. I agreed, since this is the pinnacle of the most reasonable option. The judge ruled that cards had been flipped, and that the game continues on. I was frustrated.

I think we’ve all been in a situation like that at some point or another. Now you’re about to lose, and it’s because two people screwed up a rule that can’t be undone. You’ve got a choice to make – be frustrated for the rest of the game and ruin it for both of you, or suck it up and move on. I did my best to do the latter. (but I’m not above noting that if nothing else changed, I would have been 6th out of 45, instead of 12th out of 45 :)).


The super cool thing that happened (for Adam, mind you :P) was he had a Malifaux Moment similar to my game against Mark some weeks ago. We’ve moved on. We have a bunch more models to activate, we do some things. I make the critical error of using my last soulstone on the Firestarter who was holding the center against being taken. I didn’t even know if he could take it, I didn’t want to calculate it, I just wanted to make sure it didn’t happen. He takes a look at the clock counting down, and says “Pass, your go”. I think that the game is done, nothing else to do, and I do the same. He reminds me that I have to activate every model. I ponder about why…and then remember that the Nothing Beast, who is engaged with my 1 wound Mei, has Unnerving Aura. And there is a very good bet that Adam has Assassinate.

I take my 3 chances to get away, and failed all 3. No scrap markers or constructs nearby to help her out of the bind, and no more soulstones to save her. Blat, 2VPs for Assassinate and the game ends in an 8-8 draw. Draw is good, everyone wins!


Some Other Stuff

These were some good games of Malifaux! I played a bunch of Masters that I had played before, which I was very glad helped me out. At the same time, the same Masters in new hands still means new things to look out for – I hadn’t realized Tara was a Resser master, for example! (The Hanged is an awful model!)

That sewer table was amazing. I wouldn’t have wanted to play all 3 games on such brutal terrain, but I think that throwing such a thing in the middle is an excellent plan. Malifaux is a game of adapting to changing situations, but after a bit I’ve tended to pick the Schemes that I’m good at, and a relatively set crew list for those Schemes with some variation depending on my opponents crew and that’s that. Making the terrain horrible had a wonderful way of shaking up the game again.

Patrick and Pip had been playing Warhammer all day, and I had barely a clue what they were up to. None of our breaks lined up at all. I had a feeling they weren’t doing as well as they’d hoped.

I left the room and found some food – I had only 2 hours before the Story Encounter!

AdeptiCon 2014 – Friday, Team Tournament Photos!

And the last of my Friday coverage, some photos and commentary from the Fantasy team tournament. It’s 1000pts per general, 3 games over the day, and you’re only allowed a single Lord choice.

Our first game was against Tomb Kings and Vampire Counts. First turn I Freedom Cannon’d off their Casket of Souls, and one of their generals was heard to say “We just lost the game”. Ah, Warhammer. These guys were fun opponents, they kept trying until the very end even though they knew that they weren’t going to be able to get anywhere. One of them even offered to trade me my Warmachine box for the one I wanted! (If you read this – I traded with someone else later!) We did end up winning this game pretty handily.


Our second game…was odd. It even started off odd. The gentleman in blue hardly said a word, and the fellow in the Nights Watch t-shirt was very gregarious. They offered us a dwarven beer, which we accepted. Neither of them drank during the game though. Night’s Watch fellow made several anti-Canadian jokes before we’d finished deploying. One or two is funny. Three or four is past time to move onto better material.


They played double dwarf, and we knew we couldn’t face their giant block of dwarves with 4 characters in it. Our plan was to cannon/magic off Rares (for points) and hang back. It mostly worked, except that my Tzeentch Herald zapped himself off the table first turn, and Freedom Cannon couldn’t shoot through any entire warmachine before it was removed as well. In the end, we tried to arrange our positioning to reduce the effect of their gyrocopters, and to avoid getting charged by the giant block of doom.


At the start of round 2, these four guys decided that playing shirtless was a good idea.


In the end, we lost this game. And we scored them low on sportsmanship as well, which is never good for anyone. The gentleman in blue spoke up a bit more, and we genuinely felt that he deserved a 4 on the sports scoring. His friend, however, just kept pushing buttons and saying things that were just a little insulting, and he wasn’t entire clear on all the rules and argued about his lack of knowledge. They had come from a 40k background, and not knowing all the rules can be forgiven, but added up with everything else we felt that we couldn’t justify giving them a normal scoring. 🙁

Our last game of the event was against Team Northern Defenders, a Little To The Left. They were great fun to play against! They had brought a Tomb King and Warriors of Chaos pairing with a ton of TK monsters and a ton of WoC chariots. We held back and used magic and the Freedom Cannon to victory!

P1280240 P1280239 P1280241


That night Patrick and Pip were scheduled to play in the Warbands event which was a 500pt Fantasy thing. I brought a list, intending to try to sign up at the last minute, but everyone decided to drop it and do something else instead. We wandered the vendor hall, checked out the games people were playing and then went back to the hotel to sleep “early”. We had an early morning on Saturday, and a lot of games still to play!