Blood Bowl – Skaven Gutter Runner…and some photography stuff.

I’ve had it on my todo list for a long while to get back to the kind of photography I was doing before I moved into a tiny apartment and got really lazy about pulling all the equipment out, and setting it all up for a single model, then putting it all away. We moved about 6 months ago and have more space now. Then I back the MacroMat Kickstarter and it arrived yesterday. And I finished a model today, and had some spare time to move some stuff around. The stars were aligning.

Here’s a rat!


The GW Skaven box doesn’t come with enough Gutter Runners to run a proper team, which is a little silly and the cause of much argument in CHOP! chat. I don’t know why GW made this decision, but my policy has generally been to try to overlook such things and fix it myself. It is a hobby, after all!


I had Little Pat sculpt me two more Gutter Runners out of some Clan Rats he had. This guy is my favourite of the two, but you’ll see the other guy really soon I’m sure.


I made a mistake on the photography, I think, and set my aperture to 11 when I really should have done much higher, and didn’t check my focus location carefully enough. Consequently, you can see the line where the model is in focus versus out of focus, and that line is slightly before the middle of the model.


This is my new setup. I put it all together this afternoon, took these photos…then left it up. Madness! I turned the lights off, obviously. That, plus a new computer a few months ago and a new photo editing program, and the process from click to upload is pretty damn fast! Not as fast as the phone, unfortunately, since the phone can just upload immediately.

The MacroMat comes with 3 different backgrounds – the gradient blue, a speckled black and a speckled brown. I think the black one is my favourite for this model, and that’s the super nice thing – I can choose which background depending on the colours on the model and what will contrast best!

P1310707 P1310708

I also got a flash for my camera since last I used it for this blog, so I’ve now got 2 side lights and 1 front light and things are well lit. The only thing left is that the lights aren’t portable, because of how I’ve done the difuser for them. My ideal setup would be one I could take to the club on a photography day or something. We’ll see how it goes, maybe my lights are portable enough. 🙂


  • Kelly

    Damnit. I’m still kicking myself for missing out on the Macromat Kickstarter.

  • Macromat is something I’ve been looking for for ages, I got in as soon as I saw it and their proposed timeline. It went from KS to in-my-hands in about 2 months. I almost bought into the Hangar 18 product a year or two ago, but never did because of the space issue. I’m looking forward to getting some great photos up here again, and maybe (at your suggestion, also years ago!) if anyone is interested in nicer photos of their models I can get to the point where maybe I could sell that service. 🙂

  • Kelly

    I know I stink at model photography, and frankly have little patience to learn much beyond the “make sure you use a tripod, and try and use diffused lighting”. And I definitely don’t know that much about photo editing either (if I did, surely I would look a lot skinnier on my Facebook pics!).

    The Hanger 18 product was tempting too. Like you, I just never got around to purchasing one either though. Maybe one day, if I pull the trigger on one of those beautiful Bawidamann figures (based on his modern military pin-up art), I’ll add one to the order.

    I don’t know how many other people would be interested in hiring someone else to take high quality mini pics, but I know I would be. Part of the reason why I don’t post more pics of my painted miniatures is because I take mediocre pics at best. As such, I have no idea how my painting actually stacks up against some of the better known painters… my pics stink compare to theirs, and getting out to a Golden Demons or other major miniature expo in Europe is simply too price prohibitive for me.

    Although I’d maybe try and get myself out to Adepticon for the Crystal Brush one day. Might be do-able, but I fear my ego would be in for a butt-kicking once I saw some of the top painters’ work in person…