Malifaux – Henchman Hardcore and Enforcer Brawl

I had a free Sunday so I went to Wet Coast GT for just the one day. They were running Henchman Hardcore, an alternative Malifaux format where you get 20ss, must take a Henchman as your Leader, no summoning and the only Strategy is Turf War and the only Scheme is Assassinate. The goal is to run at the center and hurt your opponent — a decidedly “unMalifauxy” goal, in my opinion.

It’s not my favourite format, but it was nice to play Malifaux again. I took Kang and 3 Rail Workers and got my ass handed to me.

After that, we played an Enforcer Brawl with….9 people? Maybe 8? You get 1 Enforcer and one upgrade. You get 1VP for wounding an unwounded model (2VP if it’s more SS than you), 3VP for killing something (4VP if it’s more SS than you) and -3VP for dying. I took my Ice Golem because I haven’t really played with it a lot, and wanted to show it off! He ended up being excellent, as whenever he died I tended to get 2VPs for doing damage to someone for his explosive, which means I lost fewer points than others who died.

I won this event, but only because Mark won and Mark was the TO. Mark also played an Ice Golem, he just died a lot less than I did. 🙂

imag2019.jpg imag2018.jpg

The next day CHOP! chat got excited about Malifaux again. I think the confluence of WCGT and the GenCon order stuff going up caused folks to get excited about it again. I pulled Taelor out of my to-do pile and put some paint on her. A few hours later, this was the result:

imag2020.jpg imag2021.jpg

I was tempted to leave her albino after I had shaded basecoated her boots, pants, shirt and hair. She had this crazy goth look to her that I really liked. So I ended up leaving her skin less coloured than I would have otherwise, adding white to the Dheneb Stone when I highlighted, which took a lot of the pink out of the colour.

Otherwise I was just trying to copy this drawing. The pants really are that shiny — I tried to tone them down but have been unsuccessful so far. Still, I really like the contrast here.

  • Kelly

    One trick for killing the shine off a part of a miniature is to brush on some Vallejo matte medium (diluted with JUST enough water to get it to brush on smoothly) over the area that’s currently too shiny. Once it dries, it will be flat matte… far more matte than any spray matte varnish will get it, although it might take more than one coat.

    A few years back, Golden Demon winning painter Jarrett Lee expressed the same problem on his blog, and so did Slayer Sword winner Dave Soper. I recommended this trick to them, and they were both happy with the results. In fact, Dave Soper then went on to win another Slayer Sword… which I’m totally taking credit for now (because we all need to live vicariously through others). 😉

  • I read your comment, and in my haze, and despite the subject line, I thought you were talking about my zombie orc who also has some shine on him. So I did what you suggested with him — I have Golden Fluid Matte Medium kicking around and gave that a go. It worked out pretty good!

    Now I have to fish out Taelor and do the same to her. Thanks!