Guild – Brutal Effigy

This guy was an interesting comparison to the Judge. I started by mixing the SW Flesh Wash and SW Sapphire, which ended up just being mostly Sapphire as apparently it has a much higher pigment count than the Flesh Wash. Add some water and paint it into the recesses of his cloak, under the cloak and spread it very thinly over the top, and the red is suddenly darkened by quite a bit. I didn’t necessarily want it to be blue, but this is what I wanted when I painted the Judge. Not quite so brightly red!


Seraphim Sepia was the next layer after a few light ones of the blue+flesh, because I wanted to bring back the brown. This looked so good, I think I left the majority of the cloak there.

I did the base in the same way as the Judge’s, and because of the greater number of details on the front of this model, it means I could leave the cloak as-is because there’s a lot of interest going on in the front!


The glow is Elysian Green, a colour that I really like, but which isn’t really suited for the task of “glow”. I need to get to the store and buy some more brilliant greens for the rest of the Guild crew, because I have a lot of ethereal flames to paint!

The metal is Mithril Silver, a bit of the Sepia, a bit of Waywatcher Green and then back in with Mithril in spaces. I really like this combo, as it looks a little tarnished in places, and seems to swirl around in colour.