Arcanists – Kaeris

I picked up Kaeris at Kippers Melee at my first Malifaux tournament and left her in the box for almost 2 years. Now that I’m trying to expand my Arcanists so I can have a better arsenal for tournaments, I thought I’d paint her. 🙂

I ended up really happy with her, despite my human skin woes. Really close to the colours I wanted (thanks Oso!) and I love the OSL, particularly where it meets the rock. I finally got something that looks like a “pool” of fire and she’s pulling it out of the ground.

P1290837 P1290838 P1290839 P1290840

  • Kelly

    Very nice! I’m particularly happy with the fact that you highlighted and shaded the flames in the right manner… lighter in the recessed “hotter” areas, and darker towards the “cooler” peaks of flame.

    I might suggest a tiny bit of edge highlighting on the wings in order to simulate the “glint” of light that catches hard edges of metallic objects. Other than that little nitpick, I really like this paintjob.

  • Kelly! I’ve had this reply in my inbox all summer and I decided to transfer it to my “todo” list instead of e-mail. 😛

    The edges on the front of the wings are angled up, and on the back are angled down. Do you think it would be fine just to highlight each edge, regardless of it’s direction?

    And do you think that certain parts of the edge would glint more than other parts?

  • Kelly

    That’s a really good question. The edges facing the fire would definitely be edged with a glint of light. The ones facing away? Not 100% sure… the only way to tell if it’d work would be to go ahead and do it, have a good look at how it looks afterwards, and be prepared to paint over it afterwards if it really doesn’t look good. Scary process, but trial and error is how we old-timers learned how to paint!!

    Also, with future models, a tiny bit of blacklining around the eyes would give them a bit more definition and character. This is especially important with female models, as the softer lines of the female face tend to read a bit more undefined and blobby when viewed from a distance. I wouldn’t bother redoing this particular model at all for the eyes, as it’s often easier to do the eyes up first, before doing the rest of the face.