Ressurectionists – Ashigaru


I really like how these guys turned out, so I’m a little sad that they might just end up being summon fodder instead of an actual part of the crew. I started by using this image as reference. You can probably tell this, but I use these images just as a starting place for the most part and then take it whatever way the paint wants to go.

In this case I liked the contrast between the grey/blue pants and goldish armour. I ended up doing Stegadon Scale green pants, shade, shade, highlight. And Mithril Silver armor, with Seraphim Sepia and then went over again with the Mithril Silver, really wanted down. When you do this you need to get rid of most of the paint from the brush, because if this stuff runs you’ll end up with silver all over your model, and that sucks.

Bone was just Ushapti, Seraphim, Ushapti. Red was Mephiston Red with two coast of Seraphim. Bases were the same as for the Crooligans previous, except I started with Stegadon Scale Green and drybrushed up from there, and I’m really liking the colours on these bases.

Here’s a ton more photos.

P1290316 P1290317 P1290318 P1290319 P1290320 P1290321