Outcasts – Death Marshals – Final

I painted a couple layers of SW Heavy Body Black on their cloaks after the last session. Then took straight Codex Grey and watered it way down and painted that on the edges. I wiped away some of the paint with my finger when it got to built up, my goal was to use it in a “feathering” manner away from the edges, and leave it pretty bright on the actual edges.

Then I went back for the glowing bits. These were Warpstone Green mixed up with White in successive drybrushed layers. I realized that one of the guys didn’t have nearly enough flames on him, so I painted part of his coffin, trying to make it look like there was a green glowy fire inside his box.

P1280658 P1280659 P1280660 P1280661

I added the leaves after a week or so, after they arrived in the mail from Secret Weapon. This product is brilliant – it instantly spruced up my cobblestone so that it looked a lot less painted and a lot more awesome.

I’m still having some serious trouble with the SW washes, in that they are leaving things very shiny. I’m not certain what is causing the shine, and I can’t seem to get rid of it effectively with dullcoat or matte medium, so I’m going to have to experiment with how I use the washes.

Unfortunately, my summer so far has had a lot less time for painting – if you’re a regular reader you’ll have noticed posts every 3 days until just now – this post is the first since Adepticon that hasn’t been scheduled. 😛

  • Adam H.

    Great update. You’ve piqued my interest in the SW leaves. These will make a great addition to Tara I’m sure. Oh and far as time for painting. Consider submitting to #mfxtop, it has got me back at the painting table.

  • Thanks! I’ve got another post almost ready to go (probably Friday) that has more leaves on it – the Malifaux Child is sitting on a stormdrain and I figured it would pile up a few. I like them…I think they add a little splash of colour where there was only gray before, and the break up what was a potentially dodgy drybrush on the cobblestone dirt. 😛

    I was trying to do the mfxtop! But his last few didn’t work for me…I looked for a spare Mei Feng to re-do! I’ve got a model assembled and based on my desk right now who may go to mfxtop…or may be part of the Wyrd Summer Burning competition…but unfortunately I have to choose which one to enter it in! >.<