Arcanists – Bases!

My last few posts for my Arcanist bases (previously called “Malifaux” bases, before I got an Outcast crew!) ended up muddled between a few different posts, making it hard to refer back and repeat. Here’s a summary of how I did my bases for some Steam Arachnids!


I prime everything white these days. I drank the koolaid on starting with bright colours and shading down.

Rhinox Hide all over the gravel, Mithril Silver on the rails and Vomit Brown on the railroad ties.

I bought the “new” Seraphim Sepia from GW, but it wasn’t really as dark as I wanted so I put Nuln Oil all over. This was really super black. Much more black than Badab Black, much less…shadey.

Wetbrush up the gravel with Rhinox Hide and Scab Red, then drybrush Tallarn Sand and lastly Zamesi Desert.


It’s not the same scheme as how I did my last bases, but it’s more concise. I think it’s more…I don’t know. It’s brighter in places, but also darker in others. I think it’s the Nuln Oil, in that where it dries it’s really dark, but otherwise it has very little coverage.