Herald of Tzeentch – Backup

(This message has been pre-recorded for your reading pleasure!)

I painted this guy many years ago when I first did a “Warriors of Chaos” Tzeentch army. That’s in “air quotes” because it had a several units of Horrors, Flamers, a Gor Herd, as well as two units of Tzeentch Warriors…and a lot of other stuff. You can tell it was a long time ago because this mishmash of units was a legal army…

original (18 of 18)

This guy has been sitting on my “best of” army shelf for a while, because I’m generally really pleased with how he turned out, especially at the time. That shelf is now in cases because I don’t have space at my apartment anymore, but I pulled him out to maybe use him as a back-up Herald in cases where I roll “turn your wizard into a Herald” on the Winds of Magic table.

I fixed up his plumage a bit, as it was definitely a bit ratty and showing it’s age. I put him on a new base to go with the rest of the army, and left everything else as-is. He won’t see a lot of use, but I’m happy that he has a place in the army regardless.